When you become vegan, you will see some changes. And they are?

Today, more and more people are opting for veganism. Not only does this change your body, but it can also have a positive effect on the planet. People who stick to a vegan diet may experience some things differently than carnivores and vegetarians, from joint and bone health to how well they sleep at night.

  1. You may sleep better This is because vegans generally eat more fibrous foods and less saturated fats. A study has found that this can be a great recipe for a good night’s sleep. With a plant-based diet, you probably eat more complex carbohydrates that promote the release of serotonin, which helps you sleep. This means that eating starchy foods such as rice and potatoes can help you sleep better before bed.
  2. You can lose some weight. Numerous studies have shown that veganism affects your weight. In one study, both adults and children who followed a vegan diet consumed less protein, cholesterol and saturated fats. In fact, children who followed a vegan diet lost an average of 3.7 kg during the study period.
  3. Your hormones may change Although soy can be a good substitute for meat, eating too much soy can negatively affect your body. This can happen if you regularly replace meat protein with soy protein. It has been found that consuming large amounts of soy can interfere with the functioning of your thyroid, which is responsible for controlling and balancing hormones. This can lead to imbalances, which means it might be healthier to find other substitutes.
  4. Your joints are less inflamed Foods such as butter, cheese and burgers can cause joint inflammation because they are high in saturated fat. New research suggests that a plant-based diet, especially veganism, can help with the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. This is partly because you won’t be eating as much saturated fat and also because you will be eating more food that actually fights inflammation.
  5. Taste things differently Switching from an unhealthy diet and animal products that are high in salt, fat and sugar can affect your taste buds. This can mean discovering a new love for foods you didn’t like before.

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