Veganism can save 8.1 million people a year from death

A recent study at Oxford University found that by 2050, millions of people would have been prevented from dying by eating less meat and more fruit and vegetables. In addition, the planet would be warming much more slowly, and it would save billions of dollars that are now being spent on health and climate change. Most likely, you are not ready to eliminate food of animal origin from the menu, but you cannot dispute the scientifically proven benefits that such a change would bring to your health as well as to animals and, last but not least, to the environment.

Less global air pollution

As early as 2011, the UN published a report revealing that a vegan diet is the best way to prevent global air pollution and slow down climate change, and now a study by Oxford University confirms this. The research is the first to include the impact of a vegan diet on both an individual’s health and our planet. Marco Springmann, who will be working on our food at Oxford in the future, said: “We don’t expect everyone to become vegan, but the impact of diet on climate change cannot be ignored. It will be impossible to solve the problem with technological change alone. Deciding on a healthier diet would be a necessary and big step in the right direction. ”

By 2050, at least $ 700 billion could be saved in healthcare

Four different diets were included in the study: a normal diet, as is the case for most people, then one that follows global guidelines recommending less fruit and vegetables, as well as red meat restrictions, and finally a vegetarian and vegan diet. Based on the study, researchers found that following the current guidelines would save 5.1 million people a year by 2050, while vegan diets, when people also give up eggs and milk, would record 8 , 1 million fewer human deaths per year. Regarding climate change, they concluded that following current guidelines would reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere by 29%, vegetarian diet by 63% and vegan diet by 70%. In addition, at least $ 700 billion could be saved in healthcare.

In Latin America most prone to obesity

Geographical and regional differences were also taken into account in the results of the research. In East Asia, as well as in Western and Latin America, for example, reduced meat consumption would be most beneficial, as it is consumed the most. It was found that the most important factor in reducing the number of deaths per year in East Asia and in some parts of Africa was the increased consumption of fruits and vegetables. Reduced calorie intake in the aforementioned regions and a healthier diet with more fruit and vegetables would contribute to longer life expectancy, as Latin Americans are known to be more prone to obesity than anyone else.

Livestock farming is the biggest polluter of the atmosphere

Not only would choosing veganism be good for animals and for our health, it would also be the best or perhaps the only solution for the planet. The increase in harmful emissions into the atmosphere is due to mass livestock farming, 3,000 animals die every second in slaughterhouses around the world, obesity and general poor health are on the rise, it is no coincidence that cancer is a disease of the 21st century. Our grandmothers and grandfathers enjoyed inappropriately more plant-based diets and less meat, which, however, was not full of antibiotics and growth hormones, while today the presence of both in meat is already the rule. It is time to take responsibility and consider how to proceed.

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