11 cancer-causing foods that you eat every day

We all know that cancer is a dangerous disease that can be very life-threatening, but we often turn a blind eye to factors that can increase the risk of developing cancer. Food is one of the most important factors that affect the quality of life and our health, but unfortunately many people do not pay enough attention to it until it is too late. In the article below, read all about foods that can cause cancer if you eat them regularly in the long run. Some of them are sure to indulge every day.

Red meat

Research has shown that daily consumption of red meat increases the risk of developing cancer by 22% in men and by 20% in women.

Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks like coca cola or boyfriend contain huge amounts of sugar, causing obesity and inflammation in the body, which often leads to the development of cancer.

Farmed salmon

Farmed salmon are fed a diet that is not natural for it, including many chemicals, antibiotics, pesticides and other carcinogens.


Popcorn heated in the microwave contains acid, which is associated with infertility in women and increases the risk of kidney, liver and pancreatic cancer. Most popcorn is made from soybean oil, which causes stomach problems and skin rashes.

Processed meat

Various sausages, hot dogs and bacon are full of chemicals and preservatives that are very harmful to our health, have a very bad effect on digestion and increase the chances of developing cancer.

Hydrogenated oils

Vegetable oils have a very high content of mega-6 fatty acids that cause heart disease and various types of cancer, especially skin. They often have an artificially added scent and color to make them look more attractive.


If you eat chips regularly, you will gain weight, and it also contains excessive amounts of fat and sodium, which causes high cholesterol, high blood pressure and the risk of developing cancer.

Smoked food

Tar is a known carcinogen contained in smoked meats and cheeses, it is especially dangerous for the development of colon and rectal cancer.


As early as 1931, German Nobel laureate Otto Warburg discovered that excessive sugar intake causes the spread of tumors in the body.


Moderate alcohol consumption can even be healthy, while excessive alcohol consumption is the main culprit for the development of cardiovascular disease, stroke, breast cancer in women and many other diseases.

Pre-prepared food

You can buy pre-prepared meals in stores that look attractive on the one hand, but we advise you to avoid them in a wide arc. They contain many unhealthy ingredients that upset the balance in the body and cause inflammation, which is a common cause of cancer.

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