MOM IS MOM. Let the child’s voice come to life in us again!

Mom, I’m scared. “
“What? Not darkness and night? ”
“Oh, no! I’m not afraid of the dark. I see everything in her. And you know, sometimes all that’s not there. “
“Not storms?”
“No! This airs my heart and eyes. Just like you say! ”
“Rivers and winds?”
“Where! Your scent comes from the wind and then you are here when I miss you so much. Because of the river, I could sail whenever I wanted. Sometimes even where I want to go! ”
“So what are you afraid of, my brave and fearless little son, who is not touched by lightning, thunder or lightning?”
“Mom. I’m afraid of people… They don’t understand the wind like we do. They don’t feel the power of the sun like we do. We would direct the flow of rivers in our own way! They live on earth as if it does not exist! What if they end up taking what means the most to me. You know, Mom, it’s you! ”
“I understand. Don’t be afraid of people. We do not see the sun, but we feel its power. We do not feel the wind, but we know all its directions. We will never cool off in the river, yet we trust its flow. Believe me. There is nothing that anyone can take from you. Last but not least, you know that I haven’t been with you for a long time… But you feel life beyond seeming human power. My child, do not be afraid of people… ”

The lives of some of the most exploited animals today are imbued with the endless grief of their animal mothers. Their children are treated as our raw material for milk, meat or eggs. Even before they really start living, they find themselves on trucks behind the slaughterhouse. Eight-month-old calves breathed longer in their mothers ‘cows’ bellies than outside, six-month-old piglets, which should playfully follow their mother’s tail, travel behind bars in agony and fear, and four-month-old lambs, which have not yet grazed, call their mothers from slaughterhouses. But the chickens don’t even know what mom looks like, as they haven’t seen her live day. No one has taught them how to find food, no one has hidden them under their wings, they know nothing, they experience, and they are already going under the knife. With selective breeding, we even managed to eliminate the instinct of hatching, hatching eggs in hens, literally the maternal instinct. And we have that for the advancement of science. Is it true?

I think about it when we give water to our rescued pig Choki together with the one and a half year old baby girl Aurora. This is a mother with a pig’s snout, who has survived all her children, watched their mutilation helplessly and trapped (from live castration…) and is in our shelter, where we symbolically try to atone for the injustices caused to animals and nature. , finally found her peace. Aurora caresses her gently and there is not the slightest rudeness in her, let alone that she thinks the animals would do anything wrong. The child’s soul does not know this. The love that goes through a child’s hands is extraordinary. And contagious.

I’m thinking further. What happened to us adults who were all once children to do animals such horrors? Can we remember for a moment who we were before the world said what we should become? A creative child’s heart lived in us, full of trust, acceptance and, above all, sincere admiration for all the richness of nature and animals around us. When you are a child, the world is full of wonders. All those little things are not small, but very big. Through the eyes of children, every animal is beautiful.

The white hen is a beautiful bird, under whose wings it is so pleasantly warm. The bunny is someone who could eat all of our four-leaf clovers just to be pleased. Cow – a gentle giant, where we can warm our feet in winter. Ladybugs, on the other hand, bring good luck. Just about every animal has been, is and will always be beautiful through children’s eyes. How could she not be, as she is as unique as each of us. As children, we did not discriminate between them, we did not share them, and it never occurred to us to do anything bad to animals. We were each other’s greatest treasure. The animals were our friends. Why did this child’s voice then get quieter and quieter over the years until it became completely inaudible? And the gentle loving hand has turned into a slave who kills ???

Loneliness kills. That’s what we say.
But in the dark annex of the house we then isolate for the rest of our short lives and imprison an innocent animal that will be cut off from the world every day waiting for our hand with food until we kill it.

We are fighting for freedom. Because it’s worth it!
But we lock them in cages and put chains and shackles on them.

We sing love.
Because it is some of the most beautiful in the whole world. But we deprive billions of other beings for her and for any interpersonal relationships outside or within their species.

To really understand what a lifetime stay in a concrete box means for piglets, it is necessary to see with what immeasurable joy they roam the meadow when they have it. How much joy there is in them and endless playfulness. And they should be heard in the evening, when tired, buried deep in the hay, they fall asleep.

To understand what it means for birds like chickens to be trapped in a space without seasons, without land and under artificial light, you need to see them outdoors. They live every moment as if it were their last.

To understand the burden of chains and shackles on bulls and cows, you need to see these majestic animals live in the wild. In order to truly understand that tolerating injustice in one place is a threat to justice everywhere, we may need to find ourselves in the place of animals. Exploited and caught in one way or another.

I have been trying to return the land to animals for so long. Because I know how much they love her. And as I observe them, I never stop thinking that the earth should be returned not only to animals but also to humans.

Perhaps when we liberate ourselves, we will better understand what is so very wrong in our relationship with animals. For starters, though, we may open at least part of the heart. Let the child’s voice come to life in us again!

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