The unrestricted human right to own animals has its historical roots. One of these takes us to the 16th and 17th centuries, when Galileo and Newton laid the foundations of modern science, and the mathematician and philosopher Rene Descartes founded a philosophy that sharply separated the spirit from matter and thus included animals in matter. They are supposed to be nothing but living machines without a soul. It could also be said: a set of cells that can be treated like a piece of wood. This thinking did not originate in an airless space, but in the Catholic-Orthodox-Lutheran West. For a long time, philosophy was a “servant of theology.” For more than a millennium and a half, the churches have commanded the mentality and thinking of the people in the name of “God.” If we want to find the deeper roots of the image of the world focused on man and animals treated as soulless beings, we will inadvertently come to the Bible and the spirit and villain that branches out from it that consciously and subconsciously marks our culture or non-culture to this day.

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