This is considered an animal’s basic right to life. As long as our society is predominantly fixated on meat consumption, this basic right can only be consolidated step by step by limiting the related legal regulations. The basic right would initially prohibit surplus production of animals for slaughter, which currently leads, for example, to the payment of “Herod’s premiums” for killing calves, but a huge number of animals are exported abroad, partly to underdeveloped countries. necessary, exported to Europe to turn into meat, in a nonsensical ratio of 10: 1. In order to gradually realize the protection of life for the benefit of animals, our eating habits should then be reprogrammed. If we did not continue to urge our children, who often feel aversion to meat food, to “have to eat meat in order to become something”, the consumption of meat in the next generation would be reduced by itself. Committing caterers to serving half of their vegan dishes on their menus would completely change the culture of eating.

In addition to guaranteeing fundamental rights, this programming requires an assessment of the national target. If we want to work with them on ethical requirements to the fullest, this should include not only the goal of protecting and respecting animals, but the further goal of no longer slaughtering them. At the level of rights, which as a rule contain only an ethical minimum, this high ideal currently seems unfeasible. Nevertheless, its proponents should not abandon the national goal that leads in this direction or should be satisfied with less consistent content that takes into account the existing consumption of meat, milk and eggs, not deviating from the constitutional tendency to reduce it.

In addition to assessing the national target, the necessary guarantee of fundamental rights in favor of animals, everything could be taken into account with the following wording: “Every animal has the right to live according to its species. Interventions are allowed only for urgent reasons of public interest within the law. ”Proponents of meat consumption will challenge this restriction of the law in favor of slaughtering animals. Until when? According to the latest findings on the poor quality of the media, the “public interest” in meat nutrition could decrease. Science can no longer deny that the causative agents of BSE, which in the new form of Creutfeldt-Jakob disease is causing more and more deaths in humans, are contained not only in cattle but also in chickens, sheep, lambs and pigs. One of the possibilities of the Society for the Protection of Animals, to protect the basic rights of animals, would be to file a lawsuit (as it already exists in favor of nature and landscape) or to appoint a judicially independent representative for the protection of animals.

These are framework legal conditions that really only represent an ethical minimum of consistent animal protection. Whether and how quickly the offered ethical goal of no longer slaughtering animals will be achieved depends on each of us. The book “This is My Word” says: “The time is approaching when everyone will have to account for what they have done to people, nature and animals. The New Age is rising, in which there will be no more bloody sacrifices and experiments on animals, as well as no slaughter and consumption of animals, because they are the next close to man. The earth is being cleansed of everything low. The opposite is replaced by a higher life in which God’s will is increasingly being fulfilled. People in the New Age will not only pray to God, but keep His laws.

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