Why not eat eggs???

The first reason is ethical, because theft, kidnapping and killing are not for the benefit of people as such, but are harmful to human health, both mentally and physically.

Once an egg is introduced into the body from the yolk, a large amount of harmful so-called “Bad” cholesterol, which reaches the walls of the arteries and is deposited with the help of LDL lipoprotein (low-density protein).

Eggs contain a lot of sulfur, which makes work unnecessarily difficult and causes great effort in the work of the human liver and kidneys. Eggs stink, it is useless to put them in the body at 37 C for eight hours. The smell of stool after consuming eggs best confirms this.

Egg whites, as part of the egg, are a completely unusable food, if cooked, it requires more energy for its complicated digestion than it can provide, while in the raw state it blocks the process of digestion.

If you do not eat the so-called. “Organic” eggs, but those from poultry farms, are introduced into the body, among other harmful substances, and arsenic, which is given to hens to destroy parasites and stimulate egg production.

Eggs are usually consumed because they contain “high-value essential proteins”, most often in a thermally processed state (cooked, baked, fried), but this is exactly how amino acids coagulate through heat and are lost.

Salmonella, which is often found in eggs, especially in stale eggs, increases the risk of disease and serious health problems, especially if eggs are eaten raw, which is the least harmful way to use them for people who choose to do so.

Eggs are a very concentrated protein of animal origin, and if, as is the usual custom, they are eaten with other concentrated proteins, meat and milk, then they are difficult to digest and increase the harmful effects on health. It is also wrong to combine eggs with simple (eg white or brown sugar) and complex carbohydrates (cereals, white flour, potatoes, chestnuts …), as well as with mushrooms and legumes. The least bad choice for health would be consuming-combining eggs with a large portion of fresh salad seasoned with apple cider vinegar and other detox spices (chili, ginger, basil, pepper, etc.), but this is less common.

The use of eggs in the diet, especially if it is excessive, is reflected in poorer health, shortened life expectancy, reduced mental activity, reduced endurance and strength, slower recovery after illness, because you can function better and live better without eating “little borrowed” eggs. as well as without any food of animal origin.

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