Animals in the wild and human impact

In addition to the territory in which it lives, humanity occupies large areas of our planet for food production and for the needs of the wood and food industries. Unfortunately, we are doing a lot of damage with this. We take nature from its original inhabitants, the animals, we destroy it, and we take away their living space. By doing so, we are pushing them to extinction. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has updated a study on the state of biodiversity on Earth. It is now said that over 20,000 different species of animals are on the verge of death, and that number is rising every day.

In recent years, pollution has caused many problems for animals and plants. By polluting the Earth, we are causing problems not only to ourselves, but also to all living beings on our planet. All Earthlings need a clean environment in which to live. There have been many cases where birds have become entangled or suffocated with plastic bags. Birds and fish become entangled in fishing nets and die. Innocent beings who are not in the least responsible for such a state are also dying and suffering from the pollution of our planet.

Every year, hunters kill 100 million animals. Among them are many recreational hunters who encroach on nature and kill living creatures for their own entertainment. In addition, at least 40 million living beings die in this world each year exclusively for the fur and fur industry, which uses large amounts of toxins and chemicals to treat its products to protect them from decay. These chemicals are extremely toxic and can cause water poisoning.

We humans have interfered too much with nature, we use it for our own pleasure and, above all, for profit. In doing so, we are doing indescribable damage to her, herself and the animals – her original inhabitants

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