Potatoes are a useful source of minerals

Before potatoes were domesticated in bowls and on plates, our everyday potatoes had a rather interesting past.
Except in Ireland, people, though hungry, looked at him with great distrust. They could not help themselves with flowers or leaves. The realization that tubers are edible and even tasty only spread more than 200 years ago. Since then, potatoes have not been ignored for a long time, but a king. We love it every day, the industry has appropriated it and turned it into chips and similar things, but we have nothing to help ourselves with, at least in terms of health and well-being.


Rapeseed, as potatoes are happily named in Carinthia, can be used for all sorts of dishes except desserts. Even in this area, something interesting could be invented, especially if the design of desserts were turned into brines. Either way, the potatoes are with us, and that’s every day. In soups, occasionally in stews, but above all cooked, roasted and baked.

In excessive amounts it harms

In general, this is a good food, it only causes problems if we eat it in excessive amounts. Then, of course, red, and in people who are sensitive to various inflammations, the condition can worsen. Potatoes are a good food for the gastrointestinal tract, a useful source of minerals, a protective food against cancer and a lasting help for healthy blood and blood vessels. What is important, however, is how it is grown – the most useful and least unnecessary ingredients are potatoes from organic production – and how we prepare it. There are quite a few devils around potatoes: raw potatoes cause heat, potatoes, except young ones, are always peeled, and cold potatoes are not eaten except in salads. Well, it’s really different.

Raw potatoes

We eat potatoes with the peel, because there are the most minerals under it. Therefore, we do not sprinkle it with anti-germination agent in the home pantry and we do not buy it in the spring. The belief in the toxicity of raw potatoes was formed on the basis of tubers that turn green in the light and produce solanine, which actually poisons both green tubers and green parts of the plant. Otherwise, potatoes are also edible raw, so for general health promotion we drink freshly squeezed potato juice, which does not cause heat, is an excellent source of minerals and vitamins and is beneficial for the stomach and digestion. It helps heal stomach ulcers, eliminates gallstones and binds heavy metals.

Cold potatoes

As for cold potatoes, we carelessly cook or bake more potatoes than we will eat, because the next day we can eat it just like that (for example for lunch and fuel on a mountain trip), prepare it in a salad or thicken soup or sauce with it.

Potatoes as a standalone dish

Potatoes, along with a vegetable dish, be it a salad or stewed vegetables, are an excellent stand-alone meal that creates the foundations of excellent digestion and healthy conditions in the colon. It goes very well with a little fat, which is added in the form of sour cream, butter, olive, pumpkin, cold-pressed sunflower or sesame oil. When we add spices and herbs, which we add to dishes with potatoes only one or two at a time, the possibilities are so wide that even without excessive ingenuity we can always afford a slightly different potato. Because we are so fond of it, it is good to take into account the consequences: we stock up on potatoes the day before more intense physical activity, for example before a mountain trip.

Potatoes in shapes

Wash the potatoes and cook in a steamer or econom pot. Then we eat it just like baked potatoes, and for a change we can prepare a draft of mashed potatoes or fried potatoes. Mash the mashed potatoes with a fork and in the first case add a little sour cream or yoghurt and any spice. A little spice mixture for curry or a pinch of freshly ground pepper also fits very well. In the second case, mash the potatoes into larger pieces and add the finely chopped onion. Season with soy sauce and pumpkin oil and sprinkle with parsley. The dish is so delicious that despite the large amount of boiled potatoes, there is probably nothing left for later.

It’s potatoes

good food for the gastrointestinal tract,

useful source of minerals,

protective food against cancer and

permanent help for healthy blood and blood vessels.

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