Terrible harmfulness of milk !?!

Among the many foods that are attacked today by various well-trained and poorly trained food experts (who are often doctors), one of the basic foods is milk.

They are trying to prove that he is harming us all along, saying that our ancient ancestor did not drink it. So it’s not in our genetic make-up. What is not! Science has not confirmed the terrible harmfulness of milk, except for a good number of people who do not have enzymes for the metabolism of milk and, of course, have very serious problems if they eat or drink it in any form. A similar thing happens if we are allergic to milk. Otherwise, it is slowly coming to our consciousness that we benefit mainly from naturally produced milk, which we preserve only by cooking or processing into dairy products in a natural way, and all other processes are supposed to be harmful. But we will not talk about it, because everyone has to figure out for themselves how they react to milk and dairy products. Let us confuse the rather dangerous claim that milk is a universal cure for poisoning – if we accidentally drank something poisonous or it happened to someone else, we should swallow large amounts of milk immediately. Unfortunately not in all cases. In some, however.

Milk helps if we are poisoned by acidic, corrosive liquids, such as varicose veins, ammonia, sulfuric, hydrochloric or boric acid, funnel degreaser liquid, hydrogen peroxide – all of which are household substances. Many other toxins, however, dissolve in fats (milk is greasy!) And you would therefore do yourself a serious harm if you used it for first aid. Definitely need to see a doctor as soon as possible, if we can, try to vomit the contents of the stomach. Very salty water helps.

However, milk can be a sedative for hydrochloric acid, which accumulates excessively in our stomach and is of course intended to break down food, but if it is too much, it can burn and also cause stomach ulcers. A glass of warm milk can alleviate an acid attack, and as soon as you drink it, slowly gnaw a piece of old bread that absorbs acid.

A glass of milk with two teaspoons of cornmeal a few times a day will even cure milder forms of stomach ulcers. Even after the problems go away, we drink a glass of milk here and there, and definitely on an empty stomach and before bed. If we love milk, of course, and we tolerate it well. Otherwise, it is better to try a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water – on an empty stomach and in the middle of the day. Excess acid in the stomach will go away quickly, and the latter must be decided by a doctor. We will probably have to change our eating habits.

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