More than any other sample of chicken meat in Europe’s three largest poultry concerns has shown a load of pathogens that are resistant to one or more antibiotics. The chicken meat of the PHW group (Wiesenhof) of the largest German poultry group is even up to 59 percent loaded with antibiotic-resistant germs. This is evidenced by a study commissioned by Germanwatch – the organization for the protection of the environment and consumers and “Doctors against mass livestock farming”.

These germs can cause serious infectious diseases in humans. In some samples of the PHW group, the causative agent of MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) was even found. According to the study, this pathogen can trigger skin infections, pneumonia and blood poisoning. MRSA carries an infectious risk especially for the elderly and sick people.

51 percent of chickens are burdened with antibiotic-resistant pathogens

165 meat samples from three leading poultry concerns in the EU (PHW, LDC, Plukon) were examined.

Transmission of antibiotic resistance from animals to humans

Antibiotics are given to chickens in breeding. Multidrug-resistant germs develop in the animal’s body.
Antibiotic-resistant germs enter the environment… and into food. Germs can cause severe infections against which antibiotics can hardly help.

They are threatened by infectious diseases that cannot be treated. It is particularly frightening: every third package of chicken meat (35%) even contains pathogens that are resistant to reserve antibiotics. These are emergency antibiotics they give people when other antibiotics don’t help. In Europe, 33,000 people die each year from antibiotics.

“The high levels of resistance – especially with back-up antibiotics – surprised and shocked us,” says Reinhild Benning, a livestock expert at Germanwatch. Antibiotic resistance is a huge risk to humans. Especially at the time of the crown pandemic, patients with covid and other patients often need effective antibiotics due to concomitant bacterial diseases. Contaminated chicken meat from industrial breeding contributes to the fact that even the last effective antibiotics are increasingly failing.

35 percent of chicken meat is burdened with resistance to reserve antibiotics. 165 meat samples from three leading poultry concerns in the EU (PHW, LDC, Plukon) were examined.

Spare antibiotics for humans only! The European Commission must stop the misuse of antibiotics in the animal industry!

Requirement: Prohibition of reserve antibiotics in stables

Dr. Imke Lührs, President of Doctors Against Mass Livestock Breeding, explains: “Doctors are instructed to use reserve antibiotics in several areas of modern medicine, both in tumor therapies and in large-scale surgeries and major accidents. It is unsustainable that reserve antibiotics have become a means of maintaining the industrial livestock system. We need effective laws to protect animals and ban the use of reserve antibiotics in stables. “

Anyone who wants to do something right away for their health and animal protection should simply not buy chicken anymore!

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