How long they make funny from us?????

Let’s stop destroying and poisoning nature, curtailing the freedom of animals, ending livestock farming, hunting and all other animal exploitation!

Perhaps one of the most important questions for humanity is: haven’t humans become life-threatening pests for our guardian Earth?

Namely, excessive plundering of the Earth, destructive agriculture with chemistry, sprays and genetic manipulation, livestock farming with antibiotics, hormones and pheromones, atomic experiments, bombing the earth’s surface in wars and devastation due to greed, deforestation and tropical forests due to livestock farming, and water from households, harmful chemical, plant protection and other industries, automotive and industrial discharges, plastics, mobile phones, computers and other similar devices that confuse us and take us away from the true meaning of life… And, last but not least, indescribable hatred and exploitation between people and hatred to animals (hunting, exotic hunting, animal husbandry, animal experiments, genetic manipulation). If we start from ourselves, would we really carry someone indefinitely, feed him, give him everything he needs, if he would spray us every day with dangerous sprays, slurry, pull our hair, tear our organs out, do experiments with us and could we list more? Maybe we shouldn’t slowly take away all these benefits he has from us and slowly try to get rid of him? We must be aware that the Earth is a living organism, that with all the above interventions we are destroying life, destroying a part of ourselves, because all forms of life are interconnected. So inanimate nature does not exist, as we are falsely taught today.

We humans have become enemies of animals and nature. It is becoming more and more unbearable in animal stables and farms. Billions of animals are just serial products. Billions of tons of animal excrement, along with chemicals, fertilizers and other toxins such as pesticides and fungicides, are scattered across the earth. And all this dirt and toxins are then taken back through food and water, and the same goes for the animals of the fields and forests. Animals make a living from what fields, meadows and forests have to offer. Pollution and poisoning make them increasingly ill and transmit pathogens, viruses and bacteria to humans, and rightly so, because humans are the creators of everything that animals have to transmit and experience.

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