Will Russian smartphones soon be left without Android?

Google recently stopped certifying smartphones from Russian company BQ and other leading Russian manufacturers. This actually means that Russian smartphones have been left without Google’s mobile services. As smartphones have become virtually useless, Russian smartphone makers are increasingly turning to Huawei’s Harmony OS.

Russian manufacturers of Android smartphones are currently testing Huawei’s interesting Harmony OS mobile operating system on their devices. If all goes well, it means that this popular Android could be replaced in the second half of this year. The Russian smartphone maker BQ is expected to decide on it first, followed by other companies soon after.

Huawei’s Harmony OS mobile operating system is very popular among mobile users. This is currently available for more than 100 mobile devices. The novelty is available for both Huawei smartphones and tablets as well as Honor.

Soon, however, Huawei’s Harmony OS mobile operating system could also be housed on Russian smartphones. In addition, it could also run on other devices where Android currently reigns supreme. This includes smart TVs, cars, household appliances, air conditioners and much more.

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