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If animals are at least a little important in moral terms, we cannot eat animals and products of animal origin; We are committed to a vegan diet, ie a diet that includes vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds, but excludes all types of meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese and other dairy products.

It is man’s moral obligation not to cause unnecessary suffering to animals. Our enjoyment, fun, or convenience, however, are not reasons to justify this.

Although animals are morally important, humans are more important. Such a position is anthropocentric and could be refuted by arguments.

Our moral confusion

At the beginning, they present a very well-known case of Michael Vicko, an American football player in the Atlanta Falcons team. later Philadelphia Eagles, who organized dog fights on his estate in Virginia. When the case came to light in 2007, the media reported on it continuously for weeks. He financed, participated in and served dog fights. He not only participated in dog fights with his dogs, but also killed more of them personally when their performance did not meet his expectations. People were upset and angry at Vicko. Despite his apologies, he is still not forgiven today. He still appears in the news. The reason why people were so angry at Vicko is that according to them he committed a barbaric act of making dogs suffer and die just because he enjoyed it. The vast majority of people agree that enjoyment or pleasure is not a good reason to cause suffering to dogs. We all also agree that beating a dog out of pleasure is morally wrong. The suffering of the dogs caused to them by Vick was completely unnecessary.

The problem is that eating food of animal origin is not morally different from dog fighting. ”No one doubts that using animals for food (even in the best of circumstances) causes a lot of suffering and inevitably killing animals. So we have to ask ourselves if there is a good reason to kill animals for food. The short answer to this question is: no. From a medical point of view, we cannot say that we should eat foods of animal origin. Even the highly conservative American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has written that well-planned vegetarian diets (vegan-led) are suitable for people of all ages and can even have a positive effect on the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. Numerous studies have shown the harmfulness of foods of animal origin, but we don’t even need to know them. It is enough to agree that foods of animal origin are not necessary for optimal health. Even if one does not believe that one would be healthier with a varied vegan diet, according to today’s scientific findings and practical experience, many will certainly not be less healthy.

There is a general consensus that livestock farming is an environmental disaster. Although damage estimates vary, the fact is that animals need to consume many kilograms of grain and other feed in order to produce one kilogram of meat. The amount of grain eaten by livestock alone in the U.S. would be enough to feed the 840 million people who eat only plants. The authors cite a study that found that producing one kilogram of animal protein requires about a hundred times more water than producing one kilogram of cereal protein. There are many more negative environmental impacts of mass livestock farming: 51% of total greenhouse gas emissions from human activities, a significant amount of fossil fuels, extremely inefficient use of arable land, generating huge amounts of animal excrement, manure from farms causing surface water pollution and groundwater, is to blame for the pervasive spread of hormones, for the problem of antibiotics being given to animals to promote growth and prevent infections, and these end up in the environment, and so on. Livestock farming is also responsible for deforestation, soil erosion and many other negative effects on the environment.

We can conclude that we do not need to eat animals for health reasons and that the result is a real ecological devastation. So what can be the excuse to cause suffering and death to 57 billion terrestrial and at least a trillion aquatic animals a year? We can make excuses that foods of animal origin are delicious. In addition, it is practical for us and has become a habit in the past. In this way, however, we prove that the consumption of food of animal origin is no different from a dog’s point of view from a moral point of view. Vick loved to sit around the ring and watch animal fights, like other people like to sit around the grill and watch the roasting of dead, dismembered animals treated badly by breeders who had no chance of free movement even in their short lives and saw no sunlight except perhaps on the way to the slaughterhouse. In both cases, there is a tremendous amount of animal suffering, for which there is no need.

Pay someone to do the dirty work

Maybe someone just notices the difference between dog fights and eating foods of animal origin. The difference is in killing animals. Unlike Vic, we do not enjoy the actual process of causing suffering and killing animals. Others do it for us. “Every first-year law student can tell you that according to the provisions of criminal law, it doesn’t matter whether you press the trigger yourself or hire someone to do it. In both cases, you are guilty of murder. ”Perhaps the difference is that it is easier to pay money than to kill someone. Someone who commits this act may be a sadist and enjoy the suffering of others. And yet they are both guilty of murder. The law treats them equally, as they bear the same responsibility from a moral point of view. The fact that we pay others to cause animal suffering and death does not save us from moral responsibility. “Even though you don’t know the exact process required and you don’t know all the terrible things that happen to animals, you know that you have to slaughter to get meat – and no one thinks a slaughterhouse is anything but a place of horror.” doubts that meat on a plate means suffering and killing animals. The difference between Michael Vic and someone who only eats food of animal origin and would never kill an animal is only psychological, but not moral, that is, from the point of view of justice or ethics.

There is no difference between meat and other foods of animal origin

If you’re leaning toward vegetarianism, you may be wondering what’s wrong with eggs, milk, and dairy products. Unfortunately, the notion that animals do not suffer in the production of these products is wrong. “Animals used to produce milk and eggs, like those raised exclusively for meat, are forced to live in large numbers in small areas, in appalling conditions such as those in mass livestock farms.” Some mistakenly think that cows automatically produce milk and we do them a great favor by milking. Of course, this is not true. Cows are also part of nature and, like other animal species, produce milk only if they are pregnant. That is why they are forcibly fertilized every year so that they can have milk all the time. Imagine this barbaric act. “Newly born calves are quickly separated from their mothers – sometimes immediately, but otherwise a day or two after birth. There is no man who would seriously claim that this does not cause distress to both the mother and the puppy. ”What would it be like to imagine human mothers whose children would be taken away immediately after birth? Instead of breast milk, it would be fed with an artificial preparation. If they were female children, they would be trapped in a dairy barn for the rest of their lives, but if they were male children, they would soon be slaughtered and sold as “veal” after six months at the latest. However, when milk productivity of cows begins to decline, which usually happens after five or six years, their life also ends in the slaughterhouse. It does not matter that the natural lifespan of cows is 25 years. “Dairy cows suffer from paralysis, mastitis (painful inflammation of the udder), reproductive problems and severe diarrhea caused by viruses and bacteria due to breeding methods on modern dairy farms. They are often given medicines to increase milk production. ”Many dairy cows end up too sick to walk, so they literally drag them to the slaughterhouse. In addition, they are also mutilated (their horns are removed and their tails are shortened without painkillers).

Nothing more rosy is the picture on the chicken farms. When the chicks hatch, they are separated by sex. “Male chickens cannot produce eggs, and because laying hens are a special breed, they are also unsuitable for ‘meat’.” fumigate. Laying hens, on the other hand, live crowded in small cages, where they have, on average, as much space as the surface of an A4 sheet for the rest of their lives. “Most laying hens are subjected to beak cutting (so they don’t peck at each other) and forced levitating. They achieve this by starving the birds for a while, causing them to lose their feathers and reproductive processes to resume. Eggs from hens that do not live in so-called battery cages are sold as ‘free-range’ eggs. ”But these animals also suffer severely. When the ability of laying hens to produce eggs declines (usually after one year in Slovenia), they are sent for slaughter. We can see that even if we eat only eggs, milk and dairy products from food of animal origin, we are still directly responsible for the suffering and death of many chickens and calves, as well as all exploited animals.

Except for dogs and cats

Public opinion does not only consider dogs and cats, that is, animals that we take good care of because they keep us company. The same applies to the animals we use for food. “Think bullfighting. Although some enjoy this ‘sport’ and strive to preserve it, most people find it disgusting and believe it should be banned. /… / Bullfights are extremely violent. The bull is tortured by stabbing spears into his back muscles and finally killing him when they thrust a sword into his heart. And the only excuse for this disgusting event is fun, a kind of pleasure. ”Although most people oppose bullfighting because it is inconsistent with our general moral values, they do not oppose the use of bulls and other animals for food. However, the lives of bulls and cows ending up in a slaughterhouse are no different than having a bull chosen for bullfighting. “The only difference is that the slaughter in the bullfighting arena is choreographed, but not in the slaughterhouse.” , as if a dog or cat were at risk. We have all heard the news many times about rescuing this or that animal that got into trouble.


We remain hypocrites in the sense that we continue to claim that it is morally wrong to torture animals, and on the other hand, we cause them suffering and death through our diet.

We become vegans and stop eating foods of animal origin. We look for thousands of vegan recipes online.

We are confused and looking for excuses so that we do not have to change our way of life. We would like to prove that what we have heard or seen is not true, that there are other opinions, just so we can continue to be blinded that not everything is as black for animals as it seems.

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