Anyone who knows me and has been reading my blog posts for some time may already know that psychology and personal development itself are very close to me. Before I was committed to being a vegan (as much as I can and is within my capabilities), I was committed to personal development and living beyond life itself. I have always been close to different, advanced things, and that is why I have often been uncomfortable, strange, and perhaps even inadvertently intrusive to others. Over time, I learned to accept these facts, and I told myself that’s just the way it is. I live for myself and not for foreign ideals. Life is mine and it is right that I live it the way I want and believe in things that may not coincide with society as a whole.

But that’s just me. A strangely lucky individual who would like life on this planet to be different than it is, but it is not.

And now the question arises. Why are we vegans so provocative and go to many people’s noses? I have come to my own conclusions as to why this is so. And these findings bring me inner peace, a broader understanding and disapproval of others I take much less to heart. To make it easier for you when you experience unpleasant treatment from society, institutions or even the media, today I will entrust you with four main guidelines that make society anti-vegan.


I, too, sometimes live in self-denial. Sometimes it’s easier not to admit your mistakes than to do the opposite. It takes a lot more courage to admit our wrong thinking, actions, and so on. I don’t always do well either, but I’m trying to change that.

So no one wants to hear that their eating habits are doing badly in the world. Our meals are so spontaneous and nowhere is there a trace of the violence that took place behind the animal diet. The traces have already been erased and the horrors covered. I know very well from my experience that talking about veganism and the truth of the cruel industry is a very difficult topic and can quickly lead to a conflict between two different parties, where each wants to prove his right or domestic “point”. These conversations can be very awkward and lead to mood swings between the two interlocutors. One side feels attacked by the other interlocutor and the opposite side just wants to present their point of view and explain the reasons for veganism. These worlds sometimes fail to find common ground, although there are people who also positively surprise you with their reasonable minds that are willing to listen without feeling attacked. However, when this conversation does not bear fruit, three points are usually hidden in the background:

The opponent feels threatened and starts looking for excuses in all possible ways. From this quickly come the absurd accusations that even vegans are torturing plants, even though these accusations have no real basis.

Because we serve the interlocutor with good answers to all his dilemmas, he only gets the feeling that we are attacking him and want to label him a bad person. But we just want to show the truth and try to show the other side of the story. If the interlocutor is not mature enough, you can form your own opinion about us and our speech and label us as someone who weighs and rapes with his beliefs.

All together, however, it can lead to a bad interpersonal relationship and break the relationship itself. People just don’t want to hear that they are contributing their diet to a lot of the misery and horrors that are going on behind these industries. Not to mention the effects of livestock farming on the environment and ultimately on our health. It is much easier to deny it all together and look for excuses.

Here we need to be aware that animal food is deeply indoctrinated in our society.

They get us used to her taste as babies and also tell us that such a way of life is necessary and correct. So we never doubt our daily decisions and even less do we want to hear that everything they have taught us and we believe is our truth is wrong. The ego quickly makes sure that we deny the truth just so that we can do peacefully forward everything we are used to doing.


Veganism is evolving a lot and more and more people are opting for such a lifestyle. Nevertheless, it remains a taboo topic for many. Vegans are described by some as extremists who are in sects, are dry and pale-faced. The reason for this is merely ignorance, veganism, his philosophy and diet itself. Many people think that we vegans have very little choice in our diet, that our menus are very poor and boring, and that if you are vegan you have to count calories, watch where all the nutrients are and plan to eat them so you don’t suffer from deficiency. All in all, the force can quickly sound complicated and repulsive. But who has the time to pay so much attention to nutrition ?! But the truth is quite different. Veganism is a force to be reckoned with, food is plentiful and the selection of recipes is endless. If a person has a good, unprocessed and varied plant-based diet, there is no fear of suffering from any deficiency. All you need to add is vitamin B12. I suggest you read my blog post 10 things you need to know when you become vegan.

So not knowing veganism can be a reason for people to look at vegans with amazement and rejection, so it’s right to talk about it as much as possible and educate people.

It is right that we show up and tell our stories and that as many people as possible see us.

That’s why I’m also writing this blog because I want to shed light on as many parts of the vegan lifestyle as I can.

Inability to change

Becoming vegan and giving up all the old habits is not always easy, as eating itself is very much related to our social life and follows us every step of the way.

In addition, it is more convenient to follow society and not expose yourself as different.

It is easier to eat what is offered on the table than to refuse and stay hungry. So, being vegan requires a great deal of determination first, and not everyone can do that. Not everyone can give up their favorite tastes, just as not everyone wants to stand out in front of other people with their different choice of diet, which deviates from the average of society. And how quickly such a person feels a little less in the company of a vegan, because he might be able to make this change. Or he succeeds for a while but simply succumbs to the power of old habits and conveniences. Such people can quickly withdraw from the vegan and socially shut down. And the vegan pulls short again as his appearance is simply too much for someone and doesn’t last in his company. Keep this in mind if you are vegan and a friend has removed you from their list even though you have never hurt them. This is another disgusting feature of veganism but at the same time a wonderful test for all your friendships. It will quickly become clear who your good friend is and not someone who is just competing with you and envying you. Let us always keep in mind that we should never share with each other and play the game of superiority over who is better or worse. After all, we are all children of God and we are worth the same, but that does not mean that we can live as we live, because at the moment our decisions do not have a positive impact on the planet and us, as the inhabitants of this planet. After all, everyone needs to think about how they want to affect our planet and just life on it.

As someone who does not care, it is right to highlight the care we should pay to these topics, as smart decisions could greatly raise the quality of our lives.

Influence of media / institutions

In fact, we vegans are a threat to the system as we are on average healthier and have a wider range of awareness. Next, however, is the fact that such people are harder to manage and do not support the most powerful lobbies in this world who have unimaginable power and authority. Their earnings are really high. We are talking in the billions here. It is this money that gives them the power to subjugate other institutions to work in their favor. And, if we decide not to buy their products anymore, this is felt on the final balance sheets, which is a sign of a red alarm and something needs to be done about it. So quickly they set up a pact with the media and start scaring us with various stories about how a child died from a vegan diet, how veganism is extreme and unhealthy, and how a vegan died in the mountains. If you delve into the background of these stories, you quickly see where the taco dog is praying and find that it is all about veganism, which most of the time has no good scientific basis. Everyday people can quickly get confused and no longer know who to trust. Many people only hear that the child has died and that the parents were vegans, and from this he concludes that we are terrible, irresponsible people. The background of these media stories is often different from what the media shows, and unfortunately few people look at the background of these stories and believe because it was written in a newspaper. But it will hold!

In addition, we are always intimidated by how important meat, milk and eggs are and that we will die of protein deficiency if we do not eat it. So everything the media and institutions tell us needs to be reasoned reasonably and looked into the background. Who was the one who wrote this article? Is he a member of any of these animal processing lobbies? If it is scientific research, we need to look again at who funded the research and who is interested in believing it. This propaganda is mainly based on the fear with which they want to control the crowd and their thinking. Fear is a powerful weapon for crowd control.

In the end, however, it is always the case that we choose the truths that are most appropriate for us. Unfortunately, someone will believe the untruths as he is not ready to eliminate his own self-denial and admit his mistakes. For such people, misinformation will be welcome as they will be able to continue to live comfortably as they have lived so far without being able to drastically examine their daily habits and how we affect the world around us with them. But we can take a different path and open ourselves to other possibilities, find our natural care for ourselves, nature and other inhabitants with whom we share this beautiful planet. What do you know that you may discover and learn about yourself and life as a whole


  1. “Fear is a powerful weapon for crowd control.” This statement says it all. As humans, we tend to follow our fellow humans, so as to blend in. We are basically, sheep and puppets. As fear weakens us, we become
    weak with our decisions and actions in our attempt to not “rock the boat.” Too many followers, not enough leaders.
    We need more strong, vegan- minded leaders to take the initiative to, relentlessly, educate people about the benefits of veganism. There is a multitude of benefits to becoming vegan, starting from a health perspective. It is known that beef can cause heart conditions, raise cholesterol, block arteries leading to stroke and prostate cancer in men, to name a few.
    This is the kind of information that people should fear; not what someone labels you if you become vegan. The multitude of other benefits of veganism are the lives saved from slaughter; the animals who ALL have the right to live just as people do. They say, old habits die hard, possibly, but if one thinks of the positive benefits of giving up meat and becoming vegan, not only will you be the hero and the epitome of kindness towards animals whose lives you saved, additionally, “the life you save could be your own.”

    1. Hello. Thank you first of all for your comment. I couldn’t say better. I agree with you totally. I have many blogs writen.about veganism and how it helps. You can check if you like. People think that we was hunter’s long time in past. People are not hunter’s. People are collectors. Most disgusting i think is hunting.. People really think this is a Sport. Children with 10 years have diabetes. They dont play. They sitting in McDonald’s and eating. This is new world. Many people ask me what do you eat. I say everything what has nothing to do with animal’s

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