Oats – a healthy cereal

Oats, Avea satvia, is a well-known cultivated plant that comes from a genus of grasses. It grows all the way up to 1700 meters above sea level and grows up to about 120 centimeters.
Oats are considered one of the most nutritious foods and are especially recommended to anyone who is exhausted and suffering from nervousness.

The healing effects of oats

Oats have a beneficial effect in a variety of areas and thus help us overcome a variety of ailments. Any plant that contains many active ingredients is useful.

As it helps lower blood sugar levels, it is recommended in the diet of diabetics. In addition, oats have a beneficial effect on the intestines, as it detoxifies it.

It clears the spirit and helps to restore the organism. As it contains all B vitamins and thus, among other things, it cleanses the blood and restores it, it has a positive effect on red blood cells, ensures better vision and prevents the formation of cataracts. Oats also work against cancer. It helps to take care of beautiful, strong and shiny nails, hair and skin. Improves and increases immunity and the immune system and helps to restore the body. It also contains Vitamin D, which works against rickets (against weak, weak bones).

Oats also work well for intestinal and kidney diseases, as well as rheumatism, gout and gallbladder diseases and inflammation of the gastric mucosa.

We drink oat tea for colds, loss of appetite and mental overload, physical exhaustion, nausea due to nervousness and nervousness, kidney and bladder diseases. It is also suitable for drinking after recovering from the flu, as it helps us regain strength and recover. It is also recommended for patients with rheumatism.

Oats help with problems with cold feet, frostbite and catarrh, strained muscles, liver disease and even paralysis. For this purpose, prepare a bath of green straw. Gentle baths are also suitable for people who are on their feet a lot and most of the day in a standing position. Baths also help relieve problems with excessive sweating of the feet.

With the help of oatmeal bath, we can also help in the healing of scabies and itching that accompanies healing. They also help with a variety of other skin problems. In these cases, prepare an oat bath every day and repeat this until the problem disappears.

There have even been cases where oats have helped people who are diverting from morphine. There are also known cases of treatment or the positive effects of oats on the divine.

Oatmeal tea

We need:

1/2 liter of oats

3 liters of water

Preparation of oat tea

Oats are washed and cooked for about 2 hours. Strain, add milk, you can also honey.

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