Super healing properties of grapes

Once you read about how beneficial grapes are for our health, you will surely indulge in it many more times.

The vine is supposed to grow on our planet from the very beginning, so it is the most widespread fruit species worldwide. About three-quarters of the world’s grape harvest is turned into wine, some is dried into raisins (especially table varieties without seeds), and what is left is more or less fairly shared between humans and violent birds, who can hardly wait for the sweet berries to ripen. .

Nutritional composition of grapes

Due to the high content of fruit sugars (up to 20 percent), it can be a real energy bomb, which is also very healthy.

It hides a real wealth of minerals: phosphorus for nerves and brain, calcium for teeth and bones, manganese for thyroid, iron for blood, potassium for muscles and many more.

Vitamin C and B vitamins (except B12).

It contains a lot of antioxidants. The most well-known and researched are the flavonoid quercetin, ellagic acid and anthocyanin dyes from the skin of red and black grapes.

Medicinal properties of grapes

The main properties of grapes and grape juice are cleansing and disinfecting action on the whole body.

It cleans the urinary tract, and grape days relieve the blood circulation and liver.

Fresh grapes eliminate constipation, and grape juice helps with diarrhea. It regulates digestion.

There are known cases of cancer patients who have been cured with grape cures.

Purchase and storage

If you buy grapes in boxes, be sure to look at what’s under the top layer so you don’t get disappointed at home.

Before you buy, try the grapes and make sure you don’t buy pickles in a nice peel.

Harvested healthy grapes can be kept cold for several weeks. Read them a little every two to three days and remove moldy or tilted strawberries. Larger bunches with a thick shell, which we cut with a piece of cane, can be hung on a string and stored in a cool cellar. They will be preserved until Christmas.

Lovers of white grapes certainly know that the sweeter it is, the more yellow the peel it has and vice versa. The green color reminds us that there is less sugar and more acid in the fruit.

Preparation and use

Due to their cleansing action, grape cures that last from a few days to a few weeks are especially popular? depending on the well-being and condition of the body. During this time, eat only fresh grapes and drink grape juice.

Like cherries or blueberries, it can be soaked in brandy. We choose only healthy and firm strawberries, put them in a jar or bottle with a wide neck, pour over the brandy and let stand for a month or two.

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