Overnight in the woods in winter: how to spend the night in severe frosts, with and without a tent

Hike to the forest with overnight stay

Active leisure is becoming more and more popular. If you decide to go camping, you need to properly prepare for the event. Especially if it is a hike in the woods in the winter with an overnight stay and you have to spend the night in the woods in the winter.

Camping is always a dangerous form of entertainment and it is better to prepare thoroughly. Beginners need to prepare for this carefully. There are several rules to follow in every winter hike and only in the winter season.

Put on more clothes before you go out. Light and thin clothes are better than thick and warm clothes. Warm wool sweaters won’t work, they’re too heavy. Buy thermal underwear is practical. Do not wear clothes with belts and bandages, it is better to wear loose. Do not tighten the laces and straps on the shoes, if the blood flow is difficult, there is a chance that you will be frostbitten.

Winter overnight in a tent

A tent in the woods. It is difficult to spend the night in the winter in the forest in a tent. You need to know how to properly spend the winter in the woods to avoid freezing and how to choose the right place. If you went on a winter hike with tents, then you need to know how to properly organize a winter camp. Choose a location with the least vegetation. Better to choose a clearing. Before cleaning, clean up excess waste and start setting up camp.

If you spend the night in a mountainous area, also choose a clearing and make sure you are not threatened by snow or rocks. Place one or more tents in a semicircle or letter G that form a hearth to help escape the wind. In the center of the camp you have to make a fireplace out of fire. It is better to prepare the logs on the fire in advance, before dark.

In winter, the tent will be quite cold and will need to be heated from the inside. There are several ways to heat a tent. If you plan to spend the night in the woods in a tent, video tutorials will help you better prepare for it.

In severe frosts

Tips for heating a tent in case of severe frost.

Use kerosene lamp or gas. The tent will heat up quickly, and you will need to be careful not to overturn it while sleeping.

Using candles. They are suitable for heating a tent, but their disadvantage is instability.

Heat the stones on the fire, wrap them in a thick cloth and place them at the entrance to the tent. When they cool down, it will feel colder in the tent, but you don’t have to worry about the possibility of a fire while sleeping.

What food can be found in the forest

Usually, a person who finds himself in a difficult position does not have special tools for hunting or fishing. What to do if you get lost in the woods in such a situation? It’s always a knife! It will help you find food.

Animal food

Plant foods

How to get food in the woods


In summer you can safely eat nettles, sour lice, wood lice.

All of these herbs appear in early spring and stand until mid-autumn. And oxalis also acts as an antiseptic. Rhubarb is a perennial with a thick stem and rhizomes. The leaves can be eaten raw or added to soups. You can also cook a bird, it is only important to know how to make a bird trap.

The next plant is hogweed. It tastes like cucumber. It is enjoyed raw, cooked or fried. But you have to be very careful with this herb. In fact, hogweed juice can cause skin burns. But this happens when the sun’s rays hit the skin. So carefully cut this plant and take care of your eyes.

Also keep in mind that not all forest dwellers are friendly. You can easily come across a snake while picking mushrooms. It is important to know what to do if a snake bites you to get medical help.


Autumn is a time when mushrooms and berries are easy to find.

So we all know the need to distinguish between edible and inedible.

A trip to the forest can be accompanied not only by pleasant emotions from contact with nature and relaxation from the city. A forest, an unknown place with many roads and branching, tall trees similar to each other. All of this can deceive you, so it’s very important to know what to do if you get lost in the woods.

Detailed instructions for losing in the woods

If a situation suddenly arises where you do not find your way home and do not drive through the terrain, the main thing is not to give up, there is a special instruction that answers the question of what to do if you get lost in the woods.

Calm down! Panic is the most dangerous enemy, if you want to find a way out, you need to stop being afraid and worry and start acting.

Take a look around, consider its features, you may notice a landmark after which you will find a way out or hear the voice of people, the noise of traffic. If you know how to climb trees, it’s time to bravely use this skill and look down on everything.

Call 112 and describe everything you see they will find you. If you succeed in this, in no case do not stir in one direction, even if it seems to be right. This will only complicate your search and get even more lost.

If you know that they are looking for you in all possible ways, they help you find – shout, knock on wood to make the sounds as loud as possible.

Stay where you are and wait for the rescuers to help! If you understand that you will need to spend the night in the woods, information on how to spend the night in the woods will be helpful.

An international emergency call if you get lost in the woods

In order not to lose your job in a situation where you get lost in the woods, there are certain signals to help.

Smoke is a great way to be more visible during the day, light a fire and keep it away from the wind, add dry grass, rubber and wet wood to the smoke to get the color.

At night, the best way would be to warn yourself with a light or fire, but when lighting a fire, keep in mind the safety of nature and be careful not to start a forest fire.

If the helicopter is looking for you from the air, ask for help on the ground with branches, stones, surrounding debris, leaves and dry grass. You can also spread the international word for SOS help in an open forest made of flammable materials such as leaves, and burn it if you suddenly notice a vehicle flying in the sky.

Behavior when you get lost in the woods

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