Burning fire in nature for survival.

Fire can save our lives in the wild. We can warm ourselves with it, we can light up the surroundings, roast meat, fortify the sharp parts of arrows and spears, and we can also drive away wild animals with it. If we do not have a device for lighting a fire (such as a lighter, lighter, fuse), it is difficult to light it, so I will present various techniques for lighting a fire. We all need to have small particles that are easier to burn quickly (such as dry grass, dry leaves, torn palm bark…) and ever-larger pieces of wood. Without gadgets, it’s hard to make a spark. When we have a small flame, we are on a horse.

Probably the oldest way of lighting a fire is two sticks. We make a smaller hole in the wider one, which must be wide enough to insert another, narrower rod. Then do as shown in the picture below.

We need to work slower in the beginning, but once we start smoking, we can speed up. We can help ourselves with a bow (more information here). When it smokes, even when we remove the stick, it means that the black embers are hot enough. We drop it on dry grass, it is even better if on an abandoned dry nest. After a few seconds we start blowing gently and do this until it starts to smoke. Then a flame is created. We line our netivo (nest) with ever-increasing pieces of wood.

Another way is a fire saw. It is easiest to make it from bamboo. It is used in two ways. We use friction force in both. First, cut the dry bamboo stick in half lengthwise. Then remove the inner soft part. We put netivo on one piece of stick. With the second piece of stick, rub it hard and quickly. When smoke appears, suck the embers on the netivo. We don’t have to use flat bamboo. We can use two dry sticks.

The third way is to burn with glass objects and water. We must not forget the sunny weather. We all know we can make a fire with a magnifying glass. Such a fire can also be made with water and even urine, which are poured into a transparent bag. We raise a glass object above the wood or a stick and make sure that the hearth is as small as possible and that it is on the wood. When after a few seconds (depending on the weather) smoke starts to form, we put dry grass on the wood and a flame is formed.

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