He started living as a vegan and shared what happened to him.

One day, 23-year-old Brian made an experimental decision to give up milk, meat and other foods of animal origin. He started living as a vegan and was amazed at the result. He shared what happened to him on his Instagram profile and garnered a lot of interest.

Brian Turner has been battling acne for years. This is a strong principle of his self-confidence. So he was very pleasantly surprised when the skin on his face suddenly improved. He described his experience on his Instagram profile.

One day he decided to give up milk and dairy products and meat or all foods of animal origin. He started living like a vegan. He began to eat more vegetables, various cereals, legumes… He also drank more water. Apparently he had an intolerance to a food he had given up veganism – perhaps milk or lactose. His skin suddenly improved. Lactose is not harmful if you are intolerant to it. Intolerance means that your body has difficulty digesting certain foods.

Brian says he used to take medication for his acne. But one day he didn’t want to take them anymore, so they came back. He didn’t know what to do, so he was overjoyed when coincidence helped him. He has been following a vegan diet ever since. “That means I don’t eat any food of animal origin. For me, the change was also that I started drinking more water.” He also started eating more vegetables. A healthier diet helped him. Otherwise, for those who suffer from acne, he puts it to heart that they do not allow this to happen to them alive. “Would you avoid Steven Spielberg’s movies if you had acne? No, you wouldn’t,” he writes. “It’s easiest to let the words of others affect how we see ourselves and how we live. There’s another option.” It encourages people to think more positively.

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