We have been counting the years since Dayton
People are afraid of people and everyone votes for their own
The people of Brda become citizens
Until yesterday, the lights were turned off with axes, and now they are in suits
Mirnese, get them Mirnese, fuck their mother
If you start selling yourself, I’ll fuck your mother too
You know, ideology doesn’t matter, biology matters
The genetics of Bali, Ustasha and Chetniks are important
Each sheep to its herd, cows to calves
Looking at the colorful door, fuck each other’s mother
I know who started the war, I know what famine is
I know when the Seselj family came to my city
We talk about what it is like now, we move poorly
We are full of holes like our road
We often pull the hand, you see every pearl
We would go ahead but we love that reverse
It has become a habit for us not to have a single factory
We keep silent about embezzlements, we do not anger the bosses
We are used to it, in peace and quiet
Young people are fleeing the country, refugees will not return
They don’t have to, let them make money, let them send us money
We will live in the dark and fuck each other’s mother.

The whole state pays the racket
A rattle has been heard in the houses of weapons since the war
We have mine like strawberries, full of fields
But those who made the seedlings will not be brothers
We hurt the kite, we have more resources
Especially metal, shit, methane
It is our air and food, with it our food leaders
I don’t know about you, I’m full, it doesn’t fit in me anymore
Every dick in the state smokes, closes his ears
I keep my mouth shut in front of strangers
Hello, hello, hi? How is it right?
I don’t know what else to say, shit not to find myself
The dog bit the bug, they play the war trumpet
They have different views on their teeth
A detachment will send them to correct their gaze
To see their burning house through binoculars

But there is no infidelity of war that can destroy the foundations
That root of the house where our souls are
That wedding ring and the chain that the Bosnian threw into the foundation
When he builds a house, he puts a part of himself in the foundation
Demolition to the foundation does not go
The foundation, he will remain eternal like Sava


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