Glad to see you.!.

… Since I was born I have been happy to be seen
The gynecologist said I had never seen a child in the evening
My father and mother were full of happiness
It will be mc hard core edo will be called
Gladly seen by ficibar while I was running
He was a little cossack, the whole Brcko loved me
And now they love me and I love them down there
Only mujkici and the district and of course tk
Straight to the bottom in Tuzla, I’m like a kidney in fat
Gotivi raja loves every rhyme of mine
I am part of the strongest defensive team
Defense defense every head climate
And heaven guards us as if we were endemic
In our songs are their problems
That’s why they like to see me when I’m on stage
They know that I am the real honest and nice one
Every pussy salivates when she sees me in the clearing
Each one is trying to get my weight on my chest
I squeeze the microphone in my hand
Mciji is ashamed and people are happy to see me …

… Ref:
Gladly seen edo mother gladly seen
Gladly seen edo mother gladly seen

… Street girls like to see me, they want to sew for stamps
But stupid Ukrainian women are never my furkas
I am loved by both dealers and street killers
They know I will never be embarrassed
Not because of bad goods whine
I like to draw that fat cap and beltoni
All the writers and coaches know me
And those who rap the competition love me
Whenever he sees me, each of them begs me for instruction
Come on in, we’ve been waiting for you for a long time
They tell me at the station before they start ringing
Goodbye guys thanks and you know
I’m always a pity jerk and a primate
I am always slandered by those who have rich dads
I know their moms are happy to see me when they are alone
Dze si edo maajka na ulica raja vice
When I borrow money they never ask for cover
No doubt young people are always happy to see me
I freesle with them, so they invite me to the guides
Maybe I’m ugly fat and big
But that’s why I’m not like that primitive idiot
I have my own plan for my hip hop herd
And that’s why both old and young always like to see me …

Glad to see …

… And in the cafe when I stop by and there I am a dear guest
They know I like to drink even when it’s fasting
I treat the psyche with brandy and wine
I take some antidepressants in the morning
I often suffer when I realize who is in positions
I feel like throwing up to roll up my sleeves and do it
Buna al profiteer shit have a commune
They tell me what to tell you
You are glad to be seen on our nisan
So kill me on the market there I smoke cigars
Mark and a half for marlboro and maybe less
Glad to see you
When my filjo does tattoos paint when they come down
When I show them in the middle of the gauze
Glad to see you
When in the middle of the day a pipe of peace withers tobacco
And some paper on the radio is playing something
Glad to see you
When I do hit to hit in the studio
Today the big guy is dying again tomorrow
If you hate my rhymes at least to the point of dancing
When you see me on the road at least smile
I like to see your smile even if I don’t know you
Ask, you’re glad to be seen, I’ll say yes

… Ref:
Gladly seen edo mother gladly seen
Gladly seen edo mother gladly seen

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