10 types of workers: which type are you?

  1. The most reliable Reliable workers are the framework within which creative work takes place. They mean stability, as they make sure that the work is done in the end, no matter what.
  2. Accurate Punctuality is an expression of respect for superiors and co-workers. For a superior, this means that he does not have to draw up an action plan B, which he will have to put into action if you happen to miss again. However, your co-workers will not have to do your job.
  3. Firefighter You know that he often ‘burns’ at work as well. That’s when we need people who know how to keep their nerves calm in critical moments and find a solution. A ‘firefighter’ is a person who trusts in his abilities, takes responsibility and knows how to react in times of crisis.
  4. Organizer The organizer has everything recorded so he will never forget a meeting or other commitments. His documents are arranged according to the system and he can find them at any time. In addition, he knows by heart all the deadlines for completing projects or submitting documentation and products.
  5. Towing horse It is usually an older employee who knows the work process in the company to the last detail, knows how to lead a team of workers instead of the boss and get the best out of them. He can also be a role model for younger colleagues. The superior can thus focus more on finding new ideas and deals. At the same time, he will be calm, because he will know that everything is taken care of on the field.
  6. The most ‘fit’ He efficiently fulfills the given tasks, adheres to deadlines and is ready to sacrifice his free time for the good of the service. If you find yourself in this role, be careful that the job doesn’t suck you in or that the boss doesn’t start taking you for granted.
  7. Scholar Always ready for new challenges. He does not mind the time he spends on additional training, which sooner or later means added value for the company. It is only important that in the middle of learning you do not forget about yourself and your usual work tasks.
  8. The most creative He may not be the most accurate, the most reliable, or the most diligent, but he has a new idea in stock at all times. Creativity is what can keep your job in the absence of other qualities, because new ideas are what drive a company.
  9. The soul of the collective A person who brings joy, positive energy to the work environment and the team and has the ability to encourage co-workers. Such a person, instead of the boss, encourages workers to work in moments when they would have already thrown a rifle into the corn. He has a positive attitude towards the work that is passed on to co-workers, which makes the work done faster and with better quality.
  10. Most responsible He takes responsibility for carrying out the most difficult tasks and ensures that they are carried out successfully. Just make sure you don’t have to do half of the boss’s job in this role. But it’s a good way to become his right hand man.

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