The railroad is approaching,
nje se, ljubca! merry;
from Berlin to other cities
like a cock I fly. “

“If that road is close,
you must take me, my darling!
de, look at foreign cities,
I will ride with you. “

“Alone on the railroad
I will drive from us to us;
another sweetheart in every city
I will have it for a short time. “

“I will not block you,
not to Vienna, to Graz, to Trieste;
but you let me know,
I have five better ones on each finger. “

“You Kranjice are baskets,
are friendly Styrians;
Trieste girls’ ma rich,
Vienna pretty ‘dressed. “

“We are honest Kranjice,
not every swindler is for us;
but we want to be wives,
lovers not for a short time. “

“But you want men,
who do not leave the army,
always harnessed donkeys,
boring poor people. “

“I sent you to meek ticks
pulls, buzakljunski piece!
You will give the wind to the twenties,
you’ll drip back barefoot. “

“I’m going to Brno,
betroth Judas violated;
I will marry a black woman
pennies on measures. “

“And I’m from the old people
I will choose a husband;
he will have the sand of dnarcov,
He will protect me and my home. “

“I will not imprison women,
I will fear nothing for her;
I will collect her interest,
lived without worries like a cock. “

“And I’m going to wear pants,
I will be master over the scrotum;
I will invite you to lunch
whom I will love. “

“Varij! He will be happy all day,
the old man coughed all night;
he’ll kick you out of the house
if you don’t serve him right. “

“Judas is like Satan,
when you mess with it,
brought the stingy
to whom will your juice be unsalted. “

“So stay true to me,
I only love you alone;
where is the railway,
give me a hand in marriage. “

“I will not be unfaithful to you,
darling! you are a mature cock:
when the iron road comes,
varij, de you will not escape me! “

“I took these women after her
I will go to Vienna, to Graz, to Trieste,
faithfully show them Kranjica,
if he is not on the way – baptism. “

“If anything is done,
you will wait, my darling!
The husband always wastes the least,
even a wife ‘with me. “

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