Being vegan doesn’t mean you’re eating healthy!

Veganism is a way of life and thinking that strongly connects man with his own self, with nature and compassion for animals. On a diet without animal ingredients, without meat, milk, eggs and fish.

Vegan food is suitable for everyone, but of course such a way of life also requires the desire, motivation, knowledge and support of friends or parents or partners. Vegetarians eat virtually everything, excluding meat. In addition to meat, vegans also eliminate all products of animal origin, and if physical health is also important to them, they avoid sugar, alcohol, tobacco and refined foods.

Veganism is a way of life where we avoid all products of animal origin (whether food, clothing or cosmetics) as well as products that have been tested on animals. “Eating vegan food means anything other than boring and poor, as many mistakenly think. Only when you change your classic eating habits can you find yourself in a world of thousands of wonderful plant ingredients that you didn’t even know before, as you were caught in those few food samples that are constantly circulating in the environment of your parents, friends and favorite restaurants. “

What is the basis of a vegan diet?
“Vegan food does not use any products of animal origin, so we exclude meat, fish, eggs, dairy products such as cheese, cream, cottage cheese, and other products of animal origin. Veganism is actually a very broad concept, because if someone is vegan, it does not mean that they eat optimally or healthily. Some people still eat a lot of white bread or gluten-free foods, white sugar, white rice, which are purified foods with a high glycemic index and are depleted of essential nutrients that also harm our health in the long run. I would like to emphasize here the healthy way of veganism, which promotes the consumption of organic food, whole foods (gluten-free cereals), natural and unprocessed sweeteners with low glycemic index and the consumption of high proportions of fresh unprocessed fruits, vegetables, greens, algae, nuts, drinking fruit and vegetable juices and green smoothies. The latter affects the extreme well-being of the individual, as unprocessed, wholesome food acts alkaline in our body, affects the optimal functioning of all our vital organs (kidney, liver, thyroid, lymph, heart,…) and contains all necessary vitamins, minerals, fiber , proteins that our body needs for optimal health or the absence of disease.

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