5 hidden animal ingredients that every vegan should know

Packaged, pre-prepared food can be our savior, on those days when we run out of time. As we have already written, it is necessary to pay attention to the ingredients listed on the packaging. But when we look more closely, many ingredients have long chemical names that seem almost created for not understanding and not knowing what we are eating. Most sadly, although the product also seems suitable for vegans, many of these ingredients are not suitable as they are of animal origin.


Gelatin is an animal protein that serves as a thickener. It is usually made of pork and beef skin and beef bones. American marshmallows, originally derived from the mallow plant, are now made using pork and beef gelatin. It also contains gummy bears and many other candies.

Whey protein isolate

Whey protein isolate is obtained from whey, which is a by-product of the processing of milk into cheese. It is a food product that contains a lot of protein that is quickly absorbed and digested. It is in the form of powder, it is usually used more by people who want to shape their body more clearly. It can also be found in biscuits, cereal bars, vitamins and other dietary supplements.


Casein is the main milk protein, found in milk, cheese, cottage cheese and other dairy products. Its advantage is that it stays in the stomach longer than other proteins (up to 8 hours) and thus gives us a longer feeling of satiety. It is often an integral part of frozen vegetarian meatballs in stores.

Carmine dye or. E120

Carmine dye is obtained from red insects called “capers”. Carmine is one of the many additives whose consumption poses a risk to our health. The dye is used in both food and cosmetics. All red foods are suspected to contain it. Don’t be fooled by the word natural, as insects are natural, but it doesn’t mean they are good for our health.

Cake icing

Cake glazes and soups, without which sweets would look worse and without shine, are also often obtained from insects.

Although we often wave our hand and are not interested in the ingredients on the products, it is surprising from what all certain ingredients are obtained. There are a lot of vegan products on the shelves that want to be vegan, they also present themselves as such, but they really aren’t. Once you learn what such foods are, your vegan path will definitely be easier.

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