Livestock farms are a breeding ground for serious diseases…

Anthrax is a serious disease that occurs in cattle, sheep, horses and pigs, as well as in other domestic animals. Animals can also infect humans and can even die as a result.

It is obvious that livestock farms are very dangerous, as they are a breeding ground for various causes of serious diseases, both in animals and humans. Cattle excrement contains pathogens of over 40 dangerous diseases, which are 50 to 100 times more concentrated than human excrement. How large amounts of excrement or. waste is located on a farm, it is evident e.g. from the fact that the waste of a farm with 10,000 head of cattle is equal to a city with 100,000 inhabitants. With mass livestock farming, new diseases are being transmitted from animals to humans. Bird flu and sars, AIDS and Ebola also come from animals; the number of dangerous agents seems to be growing. The British medical journal The Lancet wrote: “All the new infectious diseases of the past 20 years have come from animals.” How many people have already died from diseases that came from mass livestock farming? And how many more will there be? Would these people also have died without these farms?

Of course, livestock farms are not only potential hotbeds of serious diseases that can kill millions of people, the bird flu pandemic has already been announced, but they are also devastating to the environment. Livestock farming is a major consumer of water, severely polluting water resources, and also has more harmful greenhouse gases globally than global transport as a whole – meaning it is significantly more devastating to the climate than all the world’s vehicles. Meat production uses a huge amount of pesticides, antibiotics and various hormones that contaminate the environment. Last but not least, as much as 9 kg of plant food is needed per kg of beef. No wonder there is a famine on earth if food is given to livestock and not to humans.

Civilizational diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease are on the rise. In these diseases, meat has been scientifically proven to play one of the most important roles, as it is a risk factor for these diseases. Thus, not only animals but also humans suffer and die from livestock farming. And this suffering and death of people, and clearly also animals, is completely unnecessary, because people, which is also scientifically proven, can live well with vegetarian food. We have not yet heard that e.g. plant foods caused the diseases of civilization.

In August this year, some 40,000 horses, cattle, pigs, sheep and other domestic animals were killed in Slovenia, and about 3 million poultry were killed this month. All this for human consumption. Over 30 million innocent animals are slaughtered annually in Slovenia alone for food. These are incredible numbers that are putting a heavy burden on Slovenia. Not only ethically and morally, as animals suffer immensely, but also environmentally, climatically and healthily. At the same time, it is not possible to talk about any culture in Slovenia, unless the killing of living beings is a culture. Who wants to be taken to a slaughterhouse and have his neck cut and then turned into sausages? What you don’t want others to do to you, don’t do to them. The whole of society suffers greatly from mass livestock farming. When will it be eliminated? For the benefit of all of us, ie animals, nature and people.

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