Eegs-hard truth..

Egg production, whether organic or free-range, battery-based or battery-based, requires the killing of male chickens. Both from the point of view of eggs and from the point of view of meat, roosters have no useful value, so they are suffocated with gas or ground alive immediately after sex determination (which is evident after about 72 hours of life). Female hens are allowed to live, but only as long as they are still able to lay eggs. When their ability to lay eggs declines, they are intentionally starved (they are deprived of water and food) to start the process of shaving. Namely, peeling causes a new cycle of egg excretion. Exhausted to physiological extremes, they go to slaughter after about two years. Otherwise, hens also live to be 10 to 15 years old.

Chickens are generally subject to cruel practices. At first, the few days old are stripped of their beaks without anesthesia, and then placed in cages where they can barely move or stretch their wings. Crowding increases the level of aggression and causes various mental frustrations and physical deformities or diseases such as osteoporosis or heart attack. Diseases are also the result of poor food, to which they deliberately do not add adequate nutrients (vitamins, minerals, eg iron-poor food causes the meat to be light in color, which increases the value of meat on the market). Crippled individuals die because they do not reach food or water. Also, the air that chickens breathe is saturated with ammonia due to excrement and therefore very irritating to the mucous membranes.

It is important to point out that free or organic eggs, where hens are allowed to go out in the sun, also require the killing of males, the exploitation of hens for eggs, their slaughter and compliance with the same indoor conditions.

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