Meat industry – the biggest consequence of global warming and hunger on the planet.!!!/!!

This could be linked to the meat industry and nutrition, which play a key role in environmental pollution. It is just the right time to remember that the meat industry and consumption could also be burdened with higher taxes, because the facts are:

  • Livestock farming poses the greatest threat to the environment and also poses more greenhouse gases than global transport as a whole.
  • The pollution of the seas with heavy metals and the abnormal death of fish is attributed to humans by the law of sowing and harvesting. They fish without hesitation, kill them, and man eats them without hesitation.
  • Livestock production produces 115 million tonnes of methane gas per year. Methane is 21 times more potent greenhouse gas than CO2.
  • Every human being who eats meat is not only co-responsible for environmental damage and climate catastrophe, but also for hunger in the Third World. Livestock from rich countries eat most plants from poor countries.
  • 90% of the destruction of tropical rainforests is due to mass livestock farming.
  • Meat and milk production is responsible for 85% of soil erosion – 24 billion tonnes a year.
  • a large, juicy steak that some people adore, but are not aware that they consume about 10,000 liters of water at the same time with this piece of meat. The cattle from which this steak originated not only drank so much water, but the water was used to produce fodder. There is also a lot of water flowing in the slaughterhouse.
  • Livestock farming is one of the main culprits for global warming and, consequently, droughts. In addition, more than 10,000 liters of water are used to produce one steak.
  • Regarding man’s attitude towards nature in general, it should be emphasized that people are masters of nature, but not in the sense of exploiters, but responsible guardians! And more facts: British physicist Alan Calverd writes in the World of Physics: “To reduce the amount of CO2 greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, it is not necessary to reduce the consumption of heating oil and gas, but humanity should change its eating habits. If all people were vegetarians, global warming could be controlled. » Meat causes diabetes, causes obesity, damages bones, causes inflammation and pain, contributes to heart attack and arteriosclerosis, is a risk factor for cancer. Experts have long known from experience: We live healthier without meat. We could protest against the tactics of blurring and confusion by officials who consider meat consumption harmless, and increase the contribution for corpse users. I’m writing you an idea if you could feel the original man and see justice for animals and nature, if most people don’t see it anymore (which is sad), and at the same time help those who really need money, because the state really very expensive. I also suggest that you support a greater supply of vegetarian food in inns, restaurants… The meat industry is a collective crime of cosmic proportions. This is felt by those who do not kill their conscience. So, let’s help raise people’s awareness. And at the same time to others, including animals. Hoping for the good of people, animals, nature, With respect and love K.S. additional facts: 7-16 kg of grain or soy is needed to produce 1 kg of meat. By “shaping” the grain into meat, this artificial lengthening of the food chain loses 100% of the fiber. Carnivores are therefore the most effective way to destroy available food. The area needed to process 1 kg of meat could produce 200 kg of tomatoes or 160 kg of potatoes at the same time. 40,000 children in the world die of hunger every day. Mass animal husbandry in the Western world is one of the main culprits for hunger in the Third World. About 50 billion animals are killed for human consumption every year.

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