Expert advice on how to save on food when everything has become more expensive

You’ve probably already noticed that food prices in stores have obviously jumped.

There has been a lot of talk in recent months about such and other price increases, and the new year has also brought with it higher food prices. The highest jump in prices can be seen in meat and dairy products, and in general, the rise in prices affected all food categories.

Before the new year, many people promised themselves that they would save a little more in the new period than before. When it comes to food, savings will be a more enigmatic promise, but anything is possible if we approach shopping prudently and strategically.

Order online…

You may have heard of this advice before, but you probably didn’t take it very seriously. In fact, online shopping has quite a few financial benefits. (Besides, you don’t even have to get up from the couch to reach the goal of a full fridge.) When ordering online, it’s much easier to refrain from impulsive shopping, says psychology. In addition, in this way we have the total sum of prices in front of our eyes all the time, which saves us unpleasant surprises at the box office. Some stores will charge you a few euros for delivery, but you can also avoid the latter cost by following the promotions. You will often come across days of free delivery. And one more thing: we save a lot of money if we buy different products from different providers. If we shop live, doing so is quite time consuming, and you make purchases online from various retailers very quickly.

Don’t underestimate the food in the freezers

There is a belief that fresh food is the healthiest, but this is not always the case. The nutritional value of fruits and vegetables is falling sharply while waiting to be eaten, so you will often get more vitamins into your body if you buy frozen ones at the store. Frozen food manufacturers use a quick-freeze process, which means that they freeze fruits and vegetables in a few seconds, thus avoiding the loss of vitamins and other nutrients.

Selectively buy organic foods

We understand that you want to bring only the best into your body and we also strive to avoid unnecessary intake of pesticides, genetically modified foods and so on. But some foods are just as good if you buy inorganic or non-organic. The Enviromental Working Group has published a list of 15 types of fruits and vegetables for which we can choose the latter option. These are fruits with a shell through which pesticides and sprays do not penetrate. Among them we also find avocados and onions.

Use the self-service cash register

Sometimes at the thought that we have to empty a trolley at the buffet, we sigh. But in reality, the extra effort in the store saves us quite a bit of money, according to research by the IHL Consulting Group. Moreover, impulsive purchases are as much as 32 percent lower for women who use the self-service cash register, while the difference is slightly smaller for men. Namely, shoppers of the stronger sex are expected to reduce impulsive purchases with the help of a self-service cash register by 17 percent.

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