Free range, pasture, organic labels, etc.

Regardless of the quality of life before death, farm animals are eventually sent for slaughter.

There is a misconception that these animals can “live a beautiful life” before they die for our food. In fact, animals die as soon as they fulfill their purpose, i. as soon as they reach a profitable size, which is well before the end of their life expectancy.

There are also signs of free range, soil breeding, etc. in many places very undefined and can vary greatly. These labels do not guarantee that the animals had a quality and beautiful life, they only mean that the farm meets certain minimum standards for obtaining such status.

Of course, this does not mean that all farmers treat their animals desperately, some actually allow them a relatively decent standard of living before cutting their necks. However, it is completely naive and uneducated to expect this to be the case in most cases

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