Two fruits that effectively lower cholesterol.!

Elevated levels of bad cholesterol in the blood are a common problem in modern society, but when cholesterol levels are not extreme, they can be alleviated by diet, which means eating foods that lower unhealthy fats. In this role, two fruits cut extremely well.

An apple

Apples come first. Apples contain a colorful palette of fiber, among which pectin stands out. This prevents the body from absorbing too much cholesterol, which would then build up on the walls of blood vessels and impede blood flow. Apple pectin is the easiest to use by the body, so these fruits are rightly known as allies of vascular and heart health.


The fruit, which is in second place from this point of view, may surprise many. It is an avocado, an excellent source of healthy fats. These provide energy and supply the body with heat and lower the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood, which means that avocado is an indispensable component of the diet also in terms of heart health.

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