Strawberry-chocolate cake

for strawberry jelly:

450 g frozen strawberries *

juice of half a lemon

2 tablespoons powdered sugar

1 dcl of cold water

1.5 teaspoons agar powder

  • Instead of strawberries, you can also use blueberries, raspberries or forest fruits. Preparation Biscuit: Mix flour, sugar, cocoa, baking powder and salt in one bowl. In another bowl, vanilla aroma, water and oil. Then mix the wet ingredients with an electric mixer into a bowl with the dry ingredients. Pour the mass into a greased baking pan and bake the biscuit for about 30 minutes at 180 degrees. Leave the biscuit in the baking tin after baking. (It is desirable to remove the bottom of the baking pan so that you do not scratch it later when cutting the cake with a knife. It is important that the biscuit is surrounded by the sides of the baking tin or cake rim, as the mass we will prepare will be poured on the biscuit but they will make sure that the cake has a nice shape) Chocolate mousse: Whip both Soyatoo cream. Melt the chocolate over the steam and wait for it to cool down a bit, then stir it into the whipped cream with a whisk. When the chocolate is well mixed, add the silky tofu to the cream. When the baked biscuit has cooled, drizzle vegetable milk over it to make the essence more juicy. Then pour or spread the chocolate mousse over the biscuit. Place the cake in the refrigerator. Strawberry jelly Heat the strawberries in the shrimp over medium heat until softened. Add two tablespoons of sugar and juice of half a lemon. Meanwhile, in another bowl, shake the agar in cold water and mix well. Place over medium heat and bring to a slow boil. Meanwhile, stir constantly. When the mixture thickens, mix it well into the strawberry mixture. Wait for the strawberry jelly to cool a bit, then pour it into the cake pan over the chocolate mousse. Place the cake back in the fridge for a couple of hours to cool well (it is best to leave it in the fridge overnight. Before serving, take the cake out of the baking tin and decorate as desired: sprinkle with grated chocolate, sliced ​​fruit, etc.

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