You can also be fat without sugar: You may just inadvertently sabotage your diet with this mistake….!!!!!

Sugar, like any other food ingredient, does not harm the body in moderation, on the contrary, it even needs it. According to experts, those who receive around 2,000 calories a day need 40 grams or about ten teaspoons of sugar. This seems like a lot at first glance, but it’s not, as it’s not just the sugar we add to coffee or tea, and it’s not sugar in desserts either, but the total intake of all the types of sugar contained in many foods.

Many people have replaced sugar with artificial sweeteners because they don’t want to gain weight. However, recent research shows that these sweeteners can also promote obesity. In one study, rats were fed yogurt sweetened with saccharin or sugar. Contrary to all expectations, rats that consumed yogurt sweetened with saccharin gained more weight than those that received yogurt with sugar.

Experts explain that the sweet taste of the organism in an appropriate way prepares for the processing of large quantities of food containing sugar. However, when the signal sent by food with sugar dies, the organism is confused. So artificial sweeteners reduce the body’s ability to regulate food intake and weight. Although the study was performed on rats, scientists believe that the same mechanism applies to humans due to the similarity of metabolisms (except that rats metabolize faster). Other sweeteners are supposed to work similarly. All artificial sweeteners are several times sweeter than sucrose, ie table sugar.

Of course, much more research will be needed to make the findings reliable. For now, the obesity epidemic continues to spread, even though people are increasingly consuming low-calorie foods. Experts fear that artificial sweeteners will destroy the psychological link between sweet taste and the caloric content of foods.

Children who drink low-calorie drinks do not associate sweet taste with calories. Therefore, when they are served food that contains sugar, they often eat too much. This has also been observed in adults. Artificial sweeteners cannot suppress a person’s desire for sweetness in the long run. The problem arises when a person who mainly eats foods with artificial sweeteners receives, sweet foods containing sugar. It is very likely that he will want to consume more than the first ones.

According to experts, real traps in drinks should be avoided. It is important to get rid of the habit of quenching your thirst with sugary (carbonated) drinks. It is best to drink water or tea. If you drink fruit juices, they should be gradually diluted more and more with water. There is another habit to note: people often cheat themselves when eating low-calorie foods or drinking beverages with artificial sweeteners to indulge in some other “illicit” pleasure. Think about it the next time you enjoy chips with coke.

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