Cannabis and cancer.!??

Because cannabinoids reduce the rate of inflammation, they have such a significant effect on cancer symptoms, and in addition, reducing the inflammatory response can limit tumor growth. Regarding the treatment of cancer, however, is still quite unknown, as so far mostly only preclinical tests will be performed on cancerous tissues of animals, which are e.g. showed a significant reduction in cancerous tumors (in vivo) and their metastases. However, a number of clinical studies are still needed to develop evidence-based guidelines for the use of cannabinoids in cancer treatment. The general expectation of their miraculous effects is thus still unrealistic.

Cannabinoid cancer treatment cannot replace standard combination therapy (surgery, systemic therapy, radiation). The greatest danger, however, is if self-medication with cannabis preparations such as hashish oil replaces the oncological treatment of curable cancers, as any delay in treatment significantly reduces the chance of a cure. It should also be noted that cannabinoid-based drugs are indicated in patients with advanced disease and more difficult-to-manage symptoms, and in patients with multiple symptoms at the same time. According to professional guidelines, cannabinoids are not the drug of choice. They are used as an adjunct to established drugs in patients with less manageable symptoms or as an alternative to standard therapy for unacceptable side effects to standard drugs.

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