10 reasons why you should drink warm water with lemon.

For centuries, we have known the positive effects of lemons, which help to maintain a healthy body and well-being.

They have an exceptional antiviral and antibacterial effect on the whole body, so a lemon could be called a paradise fruit rather than, for example, a biblical apple… Lemon juice strengthens our immune system. Therefore, the first thing you should do in the morning should be the following: squeeze the juice of one or two lemons and mix it in warm or lukewarm water and sleep on an empty stomach. Here are 10 reasons for this new routine.

1. It helps with digestion

Lemon juice literally flushes excess and toxic from our body. It has a similar molecular composition to the saliva or hydrochloric acid of our digestive system. Lemon juice stimulates the liver to produce bile, and this speeds up our digestion. Lemon juice further prevents flatulence, soothes the stomach and prevents heartburn and reflux and bloating.

2. Clean you up

Because it flushes toxins out of the body, you will be healthier. If you want to do cleansing in your life, first try the healthy habit of drinking warm water with lemon every day…

Because it flushes toxins out of the body, you will be healthier. If you want to do cleansing in your life, first try the healthy habit of drinking warm water with lemon every day…

3. Strengthen your immune system

Lemons contain a lot of vitamin C, which fights microbes. Believe it or not, lemon also contains a lot of potassium! This helps: it stimulates the brain and has a beneficial effect on the entire nervous system. It also helps regulate blood pressure. Ascorbic acid in lemon has anti-inflammatory effects, which has a beneficial effect in patients with asthma. And one more thing: lemon helps absorb iron from food, and iron is essential for healthy blood!

4. Adjust the pH balance

Lemons are extremely alkaline. If you don’t already know the book Alkalize or Die, google it. Excessive acidity is the cause of almost all modern diseases, especially chronic ones. Anyone who wants a basic body or stick to a basic diet should drink this beverage.

5. Cleanses the skin

Not only does it have vitamin C, lemon juice also contains antioxidants. Drinking lemon juice helps cleanse the skin, narrow pores, alleviate wrinkles and the appearance of dark circles. Pimples will be less common, the skin will be more radiant and clean, and already seemingly healthier.

6. It lifts the spirits

7. Encourage healing

Lemon is one of the few foods that contains negatively charged ions. This simply means that it gives your body more energy when it enters the digestive system. So let’s say drinking lemonade works much more invigoratingly than drinking coffee! The very smell of lemon cheers you up and improves your well-being – it even helps against depression.

In addition to all of the above, lemon juice strengthens bones, connective tissues and cartilage!

8. Refresh your breath

This is great news for anyone with bad breath or in case bad breath even comes from the stomach: drinking this drink will greatly improve the smell of your breath. Lemon juice also has a beneficial effect on inflammation of the periodontal tissues and relieves pain in toothache.

Moisturizes the lymphatic system

9. Warm water with lemon hydrates the body and helps your body regenerate faster, also because the lymph becomes more fluid.

10. And last but not least… it helps you lose weight!

You’ve probably just been waiting for this tenth, last feature straight of a miracle lemon. Lemon contains a lot of pectin fiber, which helps alleviate hunger pangs. Anyone who follows a basic diet loses extra pounds faster, as many studies have shown.

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