6 dogs of the least friendly countries.

Japan allows the mass execution of dogs and cats. According to some statistics, around 500 dogs and cats are legally executed every day. An additional 300,000 animals are said to be brutally killed each year. So sadly, many dogs end up in rivers and lakes as well. Of course, dogs are considered real family members in many places in Japan, but the overall well-being of dogs and cats is not at an enviable level.


Cruelty to animals and dogs is a serious problem in China. There are no laws to protect animal welfare either. Many dogs in China are abused, and dog meat festivals are well known, as the consumption of dog meat in this country has a long tradition. New generations are working to improve the treatment of animals, and it is to be hoped that progress will be made soon.


Like China, Egypt is known for animal cruelty and flawed legislation that does not prohibit cruelty to animals. Many animals in this country are still living in captivity, and wild animals are also poorly protected. Unlike China, there are no indications in this country that the situation, including people’s differing views on animal protection, will soon improve.


This country is still facing a big problem of stray dogs. So it’s no surprise that these dogs are poisoned in order to simply ‘get rid’ of them. You will also see dogs on chains in many places in Greece, without food and proper veterinary care, which often leads to a slow and painful death. In 2015, more than a million dogs lived on the streets of Greece, and the number of abandoned dogs is still growing.

Saudi Arabia:

In this country, dogs are seen as ‘unclean’ animals, so they are not exactly welcome. Only a small percentage of working dogs are pets. What’s more, in several cities, pets are completely banned.


According to some data, as many as 30 million stray dogs live in this country. It is not surprising that this country has the largest share of t.i. street dogs. Statistics show that 35 percent of the deaths of these dogs are caused by rabies, the highest in the world.

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