VEGANISM-Geht to know it’s pros and cons

Veganism. Get to know its pros and cons.

Veganism is known worldwide for its healing properties and benefits, as it advocates a diet where people consume exclusively plant-based foods. However, the abandonment of meat and other foods of animal origin can bring many changes. If you do not know the word vegan well enough and do not have any personal experience with this way of life, it is time to learn all the benefits and disadvantages of veganism and all the mistakes that people often make when opting for this type of diet.

Let me start, which is quite clear and understandable. Plant-based foods are by nature an excellent investment for health, but extremes and exaggerations are not recommended as they bring many disadvantages to human health. If anyone can reasonably talk about veganism, it can only be a person who has personal experience with this way of living and eating. Plant-based foods can be misused for the purpose of the philosophy of veganism in order to spread the benefits of such a diet, but it does not mention the problems that veganism causes in people who have been omnivores all their lives.

What is veganism?

Veganism is defined as a philosophy that includes not only a plant-based diet but also a vegan’s commitment to refusing to use any products of animal origin. In public practice, however, veganism refers primarily to people who have decided to include in their lives only a diet of ratlin origin.

What is the difference between veganism and vegetarianism?

Veganism includes plant-based foods, and vegetarianism includes animal-based foods such as dairy products, chicken eggs, and some fish. The essential difference is that vegetarians use animal products but, like vegans, do not eat meat products. Fish, of course, is meat, but some vegetarians still enjoy it because they believe it is an integral part of their diet. In general, however, both vegans and vegetarians do not eat any meat. Vegans are an extreme form of plant-based diet because they believe that such a diet will be able to contribute well to their health and cleanse their body, some in terms of karma as in the case of Buddhists. Vegans do not eat any animal products, which means they do not eat meat, chicken eggs and dairy products.

Why do people choose veganism?

The main reason for such a radical decision is the love of animals and the benefits they are supposed to gain for their health. However, the truth is different when you take such a diet for a long period of time. Personally, I have been vegan for over a year and have a lot of experience with this diet, so it is desirable that everyone who is interested in such an approach learns about its actual benefits and disadvantages. Some also opt for veganism because of the trend and virtual mindset in favor of animals.

Advantages and disadvantages of veganism

The story of veganism will not be so short and concise, so the article is intended for serious individuals who are interested in the results of such a way of life from practice and not theory.

Veganism involves only plant-based foods, which means you have to be physiologically prepared for it from your childhood. Otherwise, you will put a heavy burden on the body in the transformation of plant substances in the body necessary and suitable substances. Phytosterols can be mentioned as an example. Vegans are deficient in many substances such as cholesterol, which is due to the poor transformation of plant sterols into human cholesterol, which, as we know, serves as a major element in all body tissues. It is mostly found in the brain and internal organs, as well as in the skin. Another disadvantage is the transformation of plant proteins into collagen and elastin and other protein building blocks or amino acids.

When eating plant-based foods, the body is burdened with the need to create all the necessary proteins, fats and other substances through the conversion of plant substances. According to the locals, he does not get them in their final form, but must therefore take care of the transformation. From my own experience, I can say that problems such as general dehydration soon arise, especially if you have been accustomed to meat products since your childhood. However, veganism should be strongly avoided by people who have a weak immune system or reduced immunity, as this will provide their body with a deficiency in all nutrients.

Vegan diets are usually higher in dietary fiber, magnesium, folic acid, vitamins K, C, E and phytochemicals. However, they bring deficiencies in low energy, low saturated fats, cholesterol, fatty acids such as omega-3 EPA and DHA, vitamin D, calcium, zinc, iodine, vitamin B3, B12 and many other nutrients.

In theory, everything sounds simple, but in practice, the consequences of long-standing veganism are reflected in the shape of the skeleton, face, body size and size. Namely, plant foods have the advantage of providing plenty of antioxidants, polyphenols, anthocyanins and antimicrobials, which has a positive effect on the immune system, but only in combination with the right substances such as collagen, elastin, cholesterol, saturated fats and all important minerals.

Personally, I do not recommend people to buy any dietary supplements with the exception of natural nutrients that are not industrially processed or synthetically produced. In the case of veganism, however, there is a problem that vegans cover with dietary supplements. You can buy all the deficits in a pharmacy or online, but it is necessary to talk about this much more and clarify what consequences are created in the body.

If we compare vegan and vegetarian diets, vegan, according to recent research, offers us additional protection against obesity, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Similar findings would be obtained by comparing the diets of omnivores and vegans. (1)

However, studies conducted on vegans have clearly shown a reduced rate of cancer development in those who have a vegan diet compared to those who eat all types of food. (2)

The results of the research are encouraging news for vegans, which is of course completely normal, as all plant foods are a great investment for everyone’s health, but not in extreme forms. It should be noted that the treatment of cancer vegan diet can only worsen, which is contrary to the aforementioned research, as the analyzes apply to healthy people and the general situation among the population.

What is the truth about the love of animals?

I myself had a similar way of thinking about animals and torture during veganism as most vegans. However, I soon realized a truth that is completely different.

Let’s ask ourselves do animals really suffer from the demand for meat products in the world?
You will all think of torturing animals in terms of slaughter, but the state and its institutions, such as the Food Safety Authority, should be responsible for this. Everywhere, we should ensure that animals are killed completely painlessly before they can be used in the meat industry. Some meat producers, of course, have animal-friendly standards, but everyone involved in selling meat products should have them.

Nevertheless, we have another problem that many animal lovers are not aware of. If there were no such demand for animals, there would not be as many of them in this world as there are. You can imagine the situation in Slovenia, where there would be 90 percent fewer animals such as cattle, pigs, turkeys and chickens. If some people love them so much, then they may be aware that such a drop in meat demand would displace many animals and impoverish all farms around the world. Vegans would live without care, but also without animals.

However, if animals were exploited for the purpose of their products, such as milk, they would still benefit from them. Therefore, we come to the conclusion that vegetarians are people who live in harmony with animals and are not overly sensitive to any treatment or exploitation. It is quite clear that, from an evolutionary point of view, nature has offered man all the animal surpluses that he does not need as much as they produce. Therefore, it is perfectly normal for us to live in harmony with nature, which means that they use all the products she has made available to us.

Normal people love animals, but torture is a thing that should be eradicated by state institutions and ensure that the production of meat and other animal products is carried out in full compliance with ethical principles and rules of animal welfare.

In the past, there is no evidence that there are cultures of people who would successfully live without food of animal origin. Many vegans have a misconception about meat products and resistance to red meat because they associate it with animal torture, which for the most part has no real basis, as in the world, especially in Europe, mostly harmonized animal welfare legislation.

What is your experience with a vegan diet?

After about more than a year of eating a completely plant-based diet without any trace of animal protein, the results were mixed. The results were good in learning and understanding certain subjects. Namely, vegan food contributes favorably to inner calm and clear mental abilities, which is reflected on the psychological level. However, after a few months, the downside of veganism soon became apparent. During this time, the body has depleted all its stores of important nutrients such as some minerals, vitamins and amino acids and saturated fats. The situation has deteriorated sharply. There was a general dehydration. Then I decided to buy dietary supplements to replace those missing factors with the right nutrients. I bought nutrients like calcium, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B1, B2, B3, B12, biotin and omega 3 and some herbs. What have I achieved with this? After an additional few months of vegan food and taking nutritional supplements, the condition worsened. I had long-term problems with physical exertion, as I did not have enough strength to perform normal sports activities as I did when I was an omnivore. So after a few years of veganism and vegetarianism, I returned to eating all kinds of food by consuming completely natural and healthy foods.

By using vegan foods, I developed a milder form of anemia, lost a lot of weight, lost a lot of muscle mass, and impaired autoimmunity. Such are my personal results. But how is this possible, proponents of veganism might ask? You see, however, I ate the healthiest diet and had a really varied menu and lots of meals. The answer is quite simple.

The results of veganism are, for a man who has been omnivorous all his life, quite the opposite of what was expected. All I noticed as positive qualities is that the food significantly contributed to calming the body and clarity of mind, which also has a beneficial effect on meditation. However, the addition of dietary supplements has completely disrupted the body’s natural balance, so there are many contributions at the source of wisdom that speak to the right and way of life and diet. Let me mention that natural food also contains informational value, which dietary supplements do not, as they have all the necessary binders, proteins and other nutrients that form a whole. Dietary supplements do not have the right information to tell the body in which direction to work. Without a matrix of information and biophotons found in natural foods, in the long run the body is only stretched to the point that the car can function immune.

Veganism also brings calming in the area of testosterone production, there is less need for sexual intercourse. In addition to veganism, lower aggression and the elimination of hyperactivity problems in children can also be solved by reducing the amount of sugar consumed. Plant-based food works completely calmly in the long run, it could be described as the transfer of plant characteristics to humans. In animal food, the anabolic effect and increased libido are also somewhat important, which is completely normal. Therefore, people who have physically strenuous work should not opt for veganism, but combine plant foods with the rest.

Vegan food requires successful conversion,
that the body can obtain all the nutrients.

I had a lot of problems during veganism. Being an omnivore, all dietary supplements have paid off negatively, so choosing veganism was the worst decision. If I were to advocate an extreme like veganism, then I would not add any value that is important to people. We all understand well and it is quite clear to us that all plant-based foods are a healthy investment for everyone and will always be, but we ourselves are made up of meat and blood, so we should not be disgusted at the thought of red meat. If meat is on our menu, it can be obtained in a completely safe way in accordance with all ethical and moral principles.

If all humans became vegans, then through evolution we would definitely lose our animal characteristics and change our natural body shape. The transfer of energy, called prana in India, from animals or plants to man affects the mindset to some extent, but we can make many changes ourselves with the help of our mind. Food definitely affects our lives, but don’t expect there to be variants that will cure you of certain diseases. Some people improve their health with such a diet because they are not used to it, while others can only make their condition worse.

The dangers of veganism

The biggest mistake a person makes when deciding to become vegan is to ignore the basic principles by which his body operates. Namely, it is nice to read all the positive properties of plant foods and the benefits they bring us. However, these benefits do not apply to many people, but only represent the general characteristics of a plant food. Let’s explain things in a homely way.

If you get to know all kinds of vegetables, seeds, nuts, legumes and grains, you will find that they are full of antioxidants and incredibly many health benefits, but the truth is far different for each individual. The very decision to eat plant foods that your body does not know or that you have rarely eaten in your life can cause the greatest production of IgG4 immunoglobulins, which cause intolerant reactions to new substances. Therefore, some people can develop new problems with such a diet and further worsen the resulting health condition. In addition to intolerance to many substances unknown to the body in food, you can also cause allergies, which, however, have serious consequences.

Plant foods are definitely recommended for the treatment of all diseases especially cancer, but you need to know well what foods you can eat. Therefore, it is necessary to take a food intolerance test to at least know what you are allowed to eat. However, if you stick to the results, with veganism you will not make progress in the treatment of the disease in the long run, but only cause exhaustion of the body. Therefore, in my contributions I often mention the importance of quality proteins and minerals that you get in lean meat. The combination of quality meat with a large amount of vegetables spread over at least five meals a day provides the body with all the necessary nutrients. However, the situation is completely different for people who have been accustomed to plant foods since their childhood, such as Buddhists. Their body has a naturally formed ability to convert all the nutrients in the body to the proper shape without intolerance or any special physical exertion. They are also people who do not need meat products in their work, as they do not have special physical effort. It is similar with the Japanese, who do not have the natural ability to convert milk sugar into glucose, so most are intolerant to milk and its products. It is similar with plant foods that you did not enjoy in your childhood and youth.

There are far more dangers to plant-based foods than some might think. Growing up, children need a wide variety of foods for normal bone mass and bone development, and above all, they need natural growth promoters. These will be found mostly in food of animal origin. So for many years I compared the results with the volume of bones, skulls and other areas and found that people who eat plant foods all their lives have a completely different body constitution than those who eat all foods.

You can’t get results like this if you’re vegan all the time because you don’t know how your body could develop with a different type of food. For such proof, we would need to raise two children in completely different living conditions and diets. Then we could compare them together and find out what the differences are.

I got to know the vitamins and minerals in detail. So after a few years of researching nutrition, it was quite clear to me what affects the growth of our body and what inhibits growth.

Namely, vegans do not get enough growth factors that affect the formation of muscle mass such as collagen, elastin and protein building blocks such as methionine. They are severely deficient in niacin, a vitamin B3 and cholesterol found in most meat products.

Also, a vegan diet is modest in minerals such as calcium, iron and zinc, with the exception of those people who regularly eat sesame seeds. Plant polyphenols and antioxidants in large quantities inhibit the growth of bone and all other tissues. In sports activities, I have found that vegan proteins are a poor investment in building muscle mass, as they should be overcooked to get rid of excess concentrations of phytic acid they contain. In addition to high levels of polyphenols, such substances have an inhibitory effect on bone and muscle growth.

Excessive amounts of plant food intake have
inhibitory effects on body and bone growth.

Above all, avoid dietary supplements, as you will not find such concentrations anywhere in nature as in powders, capsules or tablets on pharmacy shelves. Whether it is herbs, vegetables, legumes or seeds, higher concentrations of plant foods without combining animal proteins bring about an inhibitory effect. Therefore, such food is welcome in cancer patients, but never in an extreme form such as veganism. Everything that inhibits the growth of microbes also inhibits the growth of human cells, so it is necessary to eat vegetables within normal limits and in combination with quality proteins of animal origin.

Dietary supplements and veganism

If a diet has its advantages, then it should be a diet that provides natural resources without the use of synthetic dietary supplements. How will a vegan afford vitamin D in the form of dietary supplements if it is also obtained using animal fats? We certainly don’t need it as much as the media reports, so you can read an article about vitamin D and its fatty truth. Dietary supplements are the only thing that completely changes the body’s ways of natural balance, but most people are not aware of it. In addition, dietary supplements usually contain several hundred times the recommended values, which in practice has the opposite effect than desired, as evidenced by many scientific studies. Our body is able to normally use only a certain amount of vitamins and minerals every day. However, what is excessive is not always excreted in the urine, even if they are water-soluble substances, but the body also accumulates them in cells and other tissues in the body. Excess zinc, for example, manifests itself in the expulsion of iron or copper, leading to degradation of muscle tissue. A similar thing happens with calcium powder, which stimulates osteoclasts instead of osteoblasts. Chaos in the immune system is caused by mega doses at which manufacturers compete with each other. Consumers, of course, think that they will benefit from such values, but some only realize all their consequences in the long run.

In the case of veganism, I do not recommend any dietary supplements, because they have too high content of certain substances, they are without proper information matrices, without bonds, biophotonic values ​​and other related substances that are integrated into the natural diet. In my experience, the body with such values ​​works completely in the opposite direction, as high concentrations have an inhibitory effect on our body instead of stimulating. It is mainly known for muscle and bone growth. Nutritional supplements could be compared to a case where someone wants to process all the material at school all year round in a week. It is more than obvious that someone will be able to go through such a substance superficially and will not benefit from it more than a few percent. He usually knows neither the introduction, nor the core, nor the conclusion, but only mixes all the substances together. It is quite similar with dietary supplements and our immune systems. Even a whole cake cannot be eaten at once, it is much better to have it available for several days. It is similar in building a house. What would be useful to someone to have surpluses of certain building elements, but not have enough workers or, for example, other binders. That way the house would not be built. With our body, however, we often wonder what we are doing when we throw thousands of different substances into it and then expect all the listed benefits that we have been told about in advertisements.

Modern tablets will soon be replaced by dietary supplements that are much better, but will still not offer a healthy lifestyle. Whenever you stray from nature, you soon get sick. If you are skeptical about veganism and the use of dietary supplements, you have every opportunity to try the matter in person. There are not many sources of useful knowledge online where you can find out the truth about these things, so you will be able to find out for yourself when you decide on this type of diet.

A vegan cannot function without the help of organisms

Although some also excrete yeast, which is a living organism, let me remind you of the followers of veganism that man is made up of about two kilograms of bacteria that regularly function in our intestines. We also use them, but they reimburse us in the form of certain secretions, such as vitamin B12, biotin, vitamin K and, of course, an abundance of toxins and acids that affect the acidity of the body. In just one square meter of air 24 hours a day, we inhale more than 4,000 microbes, which are located in every enclosed space. This means from bacteria and mold to viruses. Man lives and will live in dependence on other living organisms and animals. Therefore, it is pointless for a person to decide on radical moves, because they will bring him much more harm than good. From my experience, I can say that plant-based foods are the foundation of a healthy diet, but don’t go to extremes by eating only such foods. Your body needs all the substances, so do not give up food of animal origin, because we live in harmony with them, but we only need a humane way of production, which some people also have.

What kind of man would become evolutionarily as a vegan?

Since I mentioned the impact on body and face shape, it’s time to get to know the health impacts veganism brings. Food shapes us, but whether some agree or disagree is a fact. Children who are deficient in certain nutrients and excess of the wrong substances can certainly have growth problems. Therefore, on an annual basis, there are differences among those who do not eat meat products. Namely, the transformation of plant proteins and phytosterols alone requires a lot of energy from the body, which the body could use for other purposes, such as cell growth and renewal. Athletes who opt for plant-based foods will have far more difficulty gaining muscle mass than those who are omnivores.

Vegan food has led many people to develop serious diseases, which I can confirm with a one-year period of such a diet. Choosing veganism out of love for animals can have serious consequences for your health. It is necessary to ask yourself what is more important to you, your body or a hypothetical love for animals, which in many cases has no real basis.

The most vegan and vegetarian-oriented populations in the world are the people of Taiwan, Korea and Italy. Therefore, you can quickly notice the evolutionary differences between them and the American and European populations. If we overdo it with one type of food, such as plant-based food, we notice visible differences in the constitution and shape of the body and face, because such food does not contain any growth promoters such as food of animal origin, so vegan-oriented people have smaller skeletal circumference and body height.

Plant-based foods are undoubtedly healthy and a great investment. As I have already mentioned, it should be the foundation of a healthy diet on every menu, but it is also necessary to provide all the missing substances that our body needs. That is why we have quality proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins available, which we obtain only from food of animal origin. Being an omnivore is the wisest decision you can make. Although I have a deep respect for Buddhism and their philosophy of non-violence and the karmic impact of food of animal origin on the individual, I believe that the best choice for health is to be an omnivore. The best and proven investment that provides all the necessary nutrients for your body and facilitates the conversion and creation of protein is certainly such food that provides the body with all the necessary substances and humanity knows it from its evolutionary past. the use of dietary supplements will distract you from the natural path to

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