Fat lies about weight loss that we believe.

Never eat late at night, do not combine fats and carbohydrates, reduce sugar intake … All these are tips to help you lose weight. Unfortunately, some are only partially true and others not at all.

Athletes can eat whatever they want without gaining weight

This statement is only partially true. In sports activities, fat is burned, which means that a person who engages in physical exercise can eat more than someone who does not engage in sports. However, it is by no means true that she can overeat and it is said that she spent everything on an aerobics class. It is much easier to burn calories than to burn them. The formula is the same for everyone. Whether you play sports or not – if you put in more than you spend, you will gain weight.

Products with the ‘light’ label do not breed

Of course, this is not true, as such products contain less fat, but therefore have more sugar. In fact, some fat-free products just don’t taste good, so they add sugar to them. So don’t buy ‘light’ products if you think you won’t gain weight because of it.

Five meals a day is better than three

There are many theories about how many meals a day should be consumed, so this statement is only partially true. Some experts advise us to eat three meals a day. Still others say that we should eat five times a day, as this prevents hunger and overeating during meals.

You need to eat less in the summer

Due to high temperatures, food often does not taste good in the summer. However, our body is not able to produce energy reserves on its own. During sweating, the body consumes energy, so it must also be entered. However, make sure you drink enough fluids.

With meat to a nice physique

If you want to lose a kilo, you don’t have to give up meat completely. There is also no need to remove red meat from the menu. It will be enough if you limit the amount. The body needs substances found in meat, such as zinc and iron. The claim that all vegetarians are lean is not true, as oil, cheese, nuts and many other products are bred in excessive amounts.

Red sugar

Eating sugar will definitely not make you fat, although many believe it. If you take it in normal amounts, your body breaks it down. When you eat larger amounts than your body needs, you will gain weight. If you give up sugar completely, it could be dangerous for you as it is the main source of energy for the brain.
Which sugar harms us the least?

‘Eat only half’ – the easiest way to lose weight

Surely you’ve heard of the ‘eat only half’ diet, in which you eat only half of what is served instead of the whole meal. This philosophy does not only prescribe certain foods, all of them are allowed. Therefore, instead of a whole bag of chips, you can eat only half. Or you just eat junk food and stick to that rule. This way you may lose some weight, but you will deprive your body of essential vitamins and substances, so do not do it.

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