Animals used for food
Why do you love one and eat the other?

We are horrified to hear that in some countries people eat dogs and cats. But what they do somewhere with dogs and cats, we also do with pigs, cows, chickens and other animals that we use for food. Science as well as simple logic tells us that all these animals are individual beings with personality and beings who feel feelings of anxiety, pleasure, boredom, pain (both emotionally and physically) and want to live like us. If I didn’t eat a dog or a cat, why would I eat any other animal?

Speciesism – discrimination based solely on type

It is inconceivable to most people today that racism and sexism were once socially acceptable, while at the same time turning a blind eye to our violent treatment of animals. In fact, like all races and both sexes, humans want animals to live a loving, free life. Yet unnecessarily billions of these creatures suffer and die year after year. The unjust and irrational prejudice that animals are inferior simply because they were born as members of another species is called speciism. As with racism and sexism, so with specism, one exploits others. To be able to exploit them, he ignores their ability to be aware, objectifies them, and thus rejects his equality with them.

Economic “reasons”

Over time, “farmed” animals have been selected and crossed in such a way that they grow extremely fast, as they can be slaughtered after only a few weeks or months. Likewise, dairy cows and laying hens are killed as soon as they stop producing milk or lay eggs fast enough to make a profit. Most of the animals they raise for meat, eggs and dairy products live on crowded farms, where they are completely deprived of their natural way of life. Chickens have their beaks cut off, piglets have their teeth pulled out, and castration is performed without painkillers. Fish pulled from their natural environment, however, face painful death by suffocation. Products labeled “humane, organic, free range” are made from animals that also lived in captivity, suffered and ended up slaughtered.

Exploitation of animals is unnecessary

The position of the science of vegan nutrition is that the vegan diet reduces the chances of many chronic diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, cancer …) and is suitable for people at all stages of life, including infants, children, teenagers , pregnant women, nursing mothers and athletes. This is evidenced by numerous independent studies by reputable international food organizations.

If the difference between “acceptable” (piglets, chickens) and “unacceptable” (puppies, cats) foods for omnivores is chosen more or less randomly and depends on local tradition, vegan foods are chosen with consideration and in accordance with facts and logic. (ethics, minor environmental destruction, logical consistency). The suffering and death of animals exist because of our choices, our choices. With each purchase, we vote on which animals will die.

“Our attitude towards animals is schizophrenic in nature, in which sentimentality and brutality live side by side.” – Michael Pollan

5 thoughts on “Animals used for food
Why do you love one and eat the other?

  1. Your post is well-written and clear. However, mankind has hunted, fished, and eaten meat for thousands of years. If we didn’t, there would be an overpopulation of animals. I have a dog so no, I don’t recommend eating your pets, however, humans have eaten beef, poultry, pork, and fish since the caveman days and I don’t see them stopping anytime soon. Only my opinion.

    1. Sure. I agree. Problem is just that how many people trow away food. Or how in slaughterhouse are animals in paid and suffer. Many people must say if i eat then i want that animals dont sufer when must die. I don’t mind if people eat meat. Problem is in large companies who don’t care if animals sufer.

      1. That, I can understand. Honestly, I think we should go back to raising animals on farms because corporations and large companies only inject them with harmful chemicals and hormones and that can’t be good for human beings. Also, companies do waste a lot of food in their greed for power over the food industry. Great point!

      2. My neighbor work at slaughterhouse. He tell me stories. He can’t sleep anymore. He fell like hitman for animals. He getting payed that he kill animals. He tell in their eyes you see pain, suffer.

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