Weight loss with buckwheat porridge … Very effective !!!

Advertised drugs for extra pounds disturb the water-lipid balance, worsen health. However, there is an alternative and safe way to lose weight in 7 days – buckwheat diet. The daily menu will provide a supply of essential nutrients that will instantly convert the body into beneficial energy without putting it in fat stores.


Buckwheat is grown all over the world. From time immemorial, people have appreciated its taste and beneficial effects on the body. Porridges, soups made from raw greens, roasted browns, whole crushed cereals give a long-lasting feeling of satiety due to the high amount of protein and fiber.

Buckwheat starch is a slow (resistant) carbohydrate resistant to digestion. Such starch is practically not absorbed and is not deposited in fats such as potato or corn starch.

They enter the intestines starch compounds that nourish the beneficial microflora, which is very important for the digestive and excretory system, complete assimilation of food, metabolism and water balance.

These properties are indispensable in the period of weight loss, when the usual amount of products is significantly reduced. Rich vitamin-mineral complex helps maintain the normal functioning of all organs and systems, good condition of skin, hair, nails.

Buckwheat saturates the body:

calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, zinc and many other elements;

vitamins A, E, PP, group B;

useful acids – malic, citric, oxalic;

essential amino acids – lysine, arginine;

saturated and unsaturated fatty acids.

Buckwheat is not deprived of calorie content: in raw cereals – 308 kcal / 100 g, in unleavened porridge – 110 kcal / 100 g. But given the long absorption, high degree of conversion into energy, the minimum fat content (3, 3%), this product was and remains dietary.


Losing weight with healthy buckwheat food has its advantages. If we follow all the recommendations, we will feel the signs of harmony in the near future. Weight of 100 kg per week, of course, can not be cardinally overcome, but the loss of 500-800 g per day is quite real.

Abundant buckwheat dishes maintain the quality of life:

the stomach is busy with a long, peaceful digestion without interrupting work and a night’s sleep with the pains of hunger;

cereal mono-diet is quite easy to tolerate, as it can be slightly diluted with low-calorie foods;

there will be no weakness – the intake of natural proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, acids gives energy to the heart, blood vessels, brain, muscles;

sugar-free gluten-free cereals allow a wide range of those who want to lose weight to join the diet.

Among the advantages is the modest cost of buckwheat compared to special fat-burning preparations.


Not everyone likes buckwheat and its dishes. This can be an insurmountable obstacle. Not everyone is happy with the time to achieve an ideal physique. An important argument in this case will be the recommendations of nutritionists not to promote weight loss over 11 kg per month, so as not to burden the body.


Weight loss is actually the treatment of an organism that suffers from metabolic disorders and strongly creates fat reserves.

To normalize internal processes, the corrective program must be built according to a certain principle:

The basis of the diet are divided meals into small portions at the same time. There should be some feeling of hunger and lightness in the stomach after eating.

For 1 day, the total weight of buckwheat dishes is recommended in the amount of 800 g, in the amount of 150-200 g per 1 meal.

Food, slow chewing has at least 20 minutes. Depending on the physiology of digestion, there is so much time to achieve a feeling of satiety. In 20 minutes. it will also occur with a minimal amount of food eaten.

The last meal should be planned 3 hours before bedtime.

Water consumption is not limited – up to about 2 liters per day, between meals, alternately between filtered, mineral water, green or herbal tea.

Physical activity is required, but not intense – walking every other day, light exercises, breathing exercises.

The mono-diet is designed for a maximum of one week.


It is impossible to lose weight exclusively on buckwheat products if:

pregnancy, feeding;

children, adolescents;

disorders, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;

low hemoglobin;

severe avitaminosis;

problems with blood pressure, heart.


Few people will spend a week on dry porridge and there is no such need.

Little by little you can use:

unsweetened kefir, yogurt;

fruits with more acid than candy;


Dried Fruits;


non-nutritious vegetables in raw, cooked, stewed form;

vegetable salads spiced with lemon juice;

non-carbonated mineral water, green tea.

A little olive oil is allowed in some dishes.

The following should be excluded from the diet:

animal fats;

fatty meat products;

oily, red fish;

cheese, high-fat cottage cheese;


flour, confectionery;

potatoes, bananas;

sugar, salt, spices, sauces;


black tea, coffee, sweet carbonated drinks.

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