Benefits of vegan diet.

Benefits of a vegan diet

It can help lower cholesterol – A study published in the 2007 issue of Diabetes Voice shows that people with type 2 diabetes who switched to a vegan diet reduced their LDL cholesterol by 21 percent. Which is significantly more than 9 percent by reducing the amount of cholesterol in people who followed dietary advice issued by the American Diabetes Association. It can help lower blood pressure – Eating vegan can reduce the risk of dying from ischemic heart disease. A report published in 2009 by the American Dietetic Association also states that people who eat plant-based foods have lower levels of LDL cholesterol, lower incidence of high blood pressure (hypertension), and lower incidence of type 2 diabetes compared to humans. , who also eat food of animal origin.

Increased intake of antioxidants – Vegan diet usually means increased intake of whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grain bakery products, which means more ingested antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Greater sense of self-control – For a vegan diet, a person needs a lot of self-control and commitment, which can be transferred to other areas of his life where these qualities are desired or needed. In addition, vegan dishes usually require slower consumption, which helps us focus more on what we actually eat while eating. A vegan diet can therefore also help people who have problems with impulsive food intake.

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