Who is a vegan?

Vegans believe that all living beings have the right to life and liberty, so they strongly oppose ending the life of a living being just to eat their flesh, drink milk, or wear skin, even though they have other options.

Vegan food Pyramid

Adopting a vegan lifestyle and outlook on life, its use in everyday life, avoiding all animal foods such as meat products, fish, shellfish and insects, dairy products, eggs and honey, as well as materials of animal origin, products tested on animals and places to use animals for recreation. Avoidance is called vegan.

Veganism or veganism is a type of vegetarian diet that excludes meat, eggs, dairy products and all other ingredients of animal origin. Many vegans do not consume foods that are processed with animal products such as refined white sugar and some wines.

Vegans not only reject animal foods, but also avoid using all personal and household products that have been tested on animals. They avoid buying and using all non-food products of animal origin, such as leather, fur and wool.

The word vegan came out of the word vegetarian in the 1940s. Vegans have adopted an approach to favor foods and plant products of plant origin by excluding animal meat, meat products and other non-food products of animal origin from their consumption.

Questions such as whether certain foods, especially honey, belong to a vegan diet and whether second-hand animal products such as leather jackets from grocery stores can be controversial for many vegans. However, most of those who stick to a vegan diet do not consume honey.

Vegan individuals also oppose the psychological and physical stress that animals endure due to modern agricultural practices.

In this regard, the terms vegetarianism and veganism are often confused in society, or both are considered the same thing. This is a big mistake. A vegan individual never consumes or uses animal products.

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