Report animal torture … !!!!!!

Recently, quite a few cases have been exposed in the media, in which there was obvious torture of animals.

Starving Rex in the sun, a few days without food and water… a dog that was “eaten” to death by a bench i… the slaughter of a few weeks old puppies… these are just some of the horrible stories that happened on the Slovenian coast and except in the first case, ended tragically.

Rex 😰

Unfortunately, there are many such and similar cases around us. Everyday. Everywhere. Stories and photographs do not leave anyone indifferent, but the fact is that after the first “shock”, when seen by many, negative emotions soon calm down… until next time.

What about in between? Despite mass awareness, unfortunately, many people still feel that reporting torture and warning about animal cruelty does not affect them. They may not want to offend their neighbors. They may be hoping that the situation will improve on its own and that their reaction is not necessary. Maybe… and step forward.

Meanwhile, many animals suffer greatly. On the sun. No food. No water. Beaten up. Tortured.

Hot summer days are ahead of us, when we will at least spend some time without worries on a vacation somewhere in nature, at sea, in the mountains. If we get hot, we will cool off in the sea or hide in a cool place. If we are thirsty, we will walk to the fridge and freshen up.

How many dogs will meanwhile spend hellish days, on a leash, without help, with an empty bowl of water, neglected, shitty? Far away from civilization, somewhere by an abandoned field where no one hears his desperate voice?

Please, if you know or notice an animal that lives in inappropriate conditions – ACT!

Everyone can contribute at least a little to the fact that in some case, at least some dog or other animal soul will be saved from torture. Raise awareness, share information, talk to friends!

According to the law, every citizen is obliged to report the torture of animals without delay. The veterinary inspection and the police are responsible for the action.

So what to do if you notice an animal in inappropriate
living conditions or for an otherwise neglected animal?

If you know of cases where animals live in unsuitable living conditions, do not have enough food or water, are in the sun in summer and do not have shade, their owners do not take care of them if they are sick, locked up or chained in secluded areas or abandoned fields. impossible conditions, try (if possible) to immediately personally alert the owners to errors and follow the response.

Even if you are not sure that a certain behavior is so serious to report, of course, first warn the perpetrator of inappropriate behavior and monitor the reaction. If it is not there and the cruel treatment of the animal continues, contact the veterinary inspection, or. the competent office of the Veterinary Administration in your region (list of offices and contacts below).

The report will include the exact location, a chronological description of the events, a detailed description of the torture and, if possible, the details of the animal’s owner. In no case will the inspector’s data be passed on to third parties, so the fear that the infringer will find out about your application is completely unnecessary!

The inspectorate is obliged to check every report it receives. Depending on what is found, they decide on an appropriate measure, which can be a warning or a punishment. As an applicant, of course, you have the opportunity to obtain information on the outcome of the application, but you must emphasize this desire when applying. It should be added that often the competent services do their job better if their work is supervised by a conscientious applicant. Follow the application and its outcome further!

In case the animal is in danger of death or if you notice inappropriate handling of the animal in a certain place (violence, beating, stabbing, hitting, strangulation of animals, sexual abuse, shooting animals…), immediately call the police who will come to the scene. This applies to cases where torture takes place in a public place or a reaction is necessary (it would be too late before the inspection arrives).

It often happens that the police officers want to redirect the applicant to some other service, with the excuse that they are not competent. If you are redirected to the Society Against Animal Torture, persevere and teach it that societies have no authority to enforce the law.

Never turn away! You have to report torture! Applying is the least you can do for a living being who can’t say their pain out loud !!!

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