Minimal mafia risk(song)

I keep Caritas in the racket
pare perem pa susim
the government does not cooperate
I hold them in my hand

Judges in hand, pulls ties
when the smoke from the djoje
I line up my people
that for me the law cuts

Media, radio, TV for me
Ukrainian women
and all the domestic stupid kids
for my pimps

With the sounds of the accordion
for faithful soldiers-subjects
I give everything
to do the best job

I make cigars across the Sava
when I need money
customs officers
that’s how kings understand everything

Two or three trucks
hidden under twill
I’m paying a fagot from Arizona
duty free zones

I put millions in trucks
I know all the tricks and all the people
my people judge me
and it’s all in dura

Ich bin ludi kure
tycoon over tycoons
a diamond in my teeth
I’m the one taking it
and never gives

He sends his people
when they open too much
your fucking jaws
and so on

Kings only money, only business
minimal risk
pliz, pliz be smart
don’t get stuck

Fuck money, fuck it
take care of yourself
just myself just myself

That I am a profiteer
I never hid
fortunately the war was on
I had everything I wanted

A couple of us crazy people
smuggling with the other side
oil drink and sometimes food

Zols, bombs, rifles
for the glowing heads of men
for a thousand I dilate each
they grabbed me by the hair

I reacted quickly
witnesses liquidated
killed while they slept
lest they betray me

We had all the TVs
all machines, lines
while others guarded the lines
they froze in the trenches

We stole, grabbed
heroes played
received ranks
groomed sons
and their friends

They showed them tricks
how to get for free
5 oil tanks
to whom to sell, whom to bribe

Whose house to set on fire
and how to forget
that your conscience does not burn you
while part of your cake is cut

Fuck, man, look what money
my team is turning now
if not my team
doce team of another type

While the cops play the statue and watch
awaiting payment at the end of the second row
awaiting payment at the end of the second row

Only small children are involved in drugs
and we are old bastards
what real jobs they do

Smuggling with people
that’s where the real money is taken
Russians, Chinese, Albanians
To the Iranians and all of them
and masala always has them

Minimal risk
revenues are constant
the west are hungry
and we are well-established

Everything comes from Serbia
from Belgrade to rajvo-sa
and here I am
I’m waiting for them with a couple of buses
or a car or truck
I cram them like cattle
direction border zone

A connection awaits us in Zagreb
with a Chinese man
they steal them for Ljubljana
how – no one knows

Most of them come through me
always passes
on learning experiences
so they recommend me

At birth, I raise the price
with catfish on two per head
they know I’m real
it doesn’t bother them in fact

They are only interested in passing
to the west to come
new life to begin
for juicy food and a powerful currency

And I work night shifts
for their transportation
recognize on the road
in the van you only suck
Spanish melos
(and sometimes Khalid)

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