Covid around us

People struggle with jobs,lives. We see no light end of a tunel. I have covid injection and don’t feel to be free. Government makes every month another lockdown or another plan. Its like to live illusion. Another life on another Planet.

They saying to us is going up is going down. Many companies are destroyed. People have no jobs or work and work for little money. Electricity it’s more expensive. This is a new area of Dark world. Do i see light end of a tunel? No. No plan from government. Nothing. Every people must have a plan. What if i loosing my job,what if comes blackout,what if someone attack’s us. Government should have a plan and not just lockdowns. Its bad for everybody. You,me and others. I Hope that someone will tell the trough and be able to make serious plans. With kind regards boosdiet.

I wish you all stay healthy.

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