10 reasons why it’s good for you to read books!!!

1. By reading you develop your verbal skills

While reading you alone will not make you good speakers, book readers have a richer vocabulary, so it’s easier to find the best expression for all that they want to tell others. Generally speaking, the more you read books, the richer your vocabulary is.

2. Reading improves your focus and concentration!

Unlike reading blogs and newspaper news, the book will require more of your time, focus, and concentration. If you do not cultivate the culture of reading books directly from a small one, this can be a challenging bite in the beginning. In order to fully dedicate yourself to the book, you will have to resist all external stimuli and completely immerse yourself in the text, and with the demonstrated concentration you will eventually learn to strengthen the power of your attention.

3. Book readers love art and often change the world for the better.

A recent study has shown that people who like to read books are more likely to go to museums and attend concerts. Boyd is supposed to engage in cultural activities much more often than those who do not read the books. But that’s not all. True readers are expected to join volunteer and charity activities with as many as three times more often than non-males. The bookbinders are not only more active members of our society, but they also worry about the state of the world, but they are also much more critical and well-meaning socially.

4. Reading stimulates your imagination

We are limited only to the extent that our imagination is limited. And this is exactly what books, about us, in life and in the world. In contact with the thoughts and opinions of other people in our own mind we move the boundaries of the potential. When we read about unknown strange places, our mind itself scruples the wealth of imaginative images, rather than simply saving images from small screens in memory. The imagination and with it the creativity of our mind is thus strengthened.

5. By reading, you become smarter

Books are a real treasure trove of data and new knowledge, and are much cheaper than courses and education. Reading books offers an opportunity to capture large amounts of results from current scientific research in a relatively short time. One recent study suggests that very passionate readers clearly show a widespread view of how things work and how systems work, as well as who and what the person is doing. Book reading should also be statistically closely linked to academic success.

6. Reading books makes you interesting and attractive

As we become more intelligent by reading books, we become more interesting and appealing accordingly. In both academic and private circles, you will get the information from all the possible sources that you have casually won while reading books. You will be able not only to engage in interesting conversations with others, but also to take on the reins of such conversations. In communication you will be able to attract a wide range of people and improve your knowledge as well as rhetorical skills.

7. Reading reduces stress

A study has shown and proven that reading significantly reduces the level of stress. All that an individual must do is to take a book in his hand and read in silence. Already after 6 minutes of such activities, scientists measured slow heart rate and relaxation of muscle tension.

8. Reading improves your memory

While reading, we usually have more time to read about the reader. Reading books offers the opportunity to stop in the midst of activities and to think things over, which we do not do when watching a movie or while listening to music on the radio. Among the benefits of reading books, this can be attributed to the improvement of memory activities and the learning of new skills.

9. With the help of books, we can meet and re-create

If we read the book slowly, with a lot, with a lot of love and openness, we can discover within us the unknown springs of humor, imagination and personal authenticity. By reading, we can redefine our own sense of intimacy and cure our pain. With the help of books, we can discover our own right. This is also facilitated by all those different life stories that they would never have had the opportunity to experience otherwise, as well as through learning about different life perspectives. Books are the best short cut to a complete personality transformation.

10. Reading books is very fun

In addition to everything that we have listed so far, let’s finally mention one of the most important reading factors: it’s fun! If we were not reading it, it would be fun, the reading would become just another work obligation. Thus, reading is not only extremely short-lived, but it also brings many benefits. Reading books is much more generous with his gifts than, for example, watching television (although she also has a good movie viewing). And a good book at the same time not only fun, but also personally builds.

And now that we have convinced you that you are more likely to encroach on books, we would like to invite you to an interesting event where we can talk about books, but also exchange them!

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  1. Well observed, there’s nothing like relaxing on the sofa with a good book! Reading enhances and enriches life by presenting different perspectives on the world, past and present.

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